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MAKAN NI MAUKAN NU SAMADHAN – A Roadmap to Tackle the Housing Crisis

I believe that the Parsi community is on the verge of a housing crisis.

Here are some startling facts:

  • The BPP currently has around 40 vacant flats for allotment
  • There are about 700 people on the BPP waiting list, growing every day.  On the waiting list there are:
  • 80 to-be married/just married couples hoping for a flat.
  • 40% elderly awaiting a roof over their head.
  • A large portion of the applicants live in congested homes with an average of 4 people are residing in one room kitchen flats.
  • Around 20% applicants are seeking housing on medical grounds


(a) there is no merit rating scheme in place since the new Board took charge

(b) there are a number of out of turn allotments, some to non-deserving candidates

(c) Friday durbaars are held to train people how to plead their case before the Trustees for a free house.


This generation – as is the case in all communities – is very different. Its hopes and aspirations are soaring, and rightly so. Justifiably, young people today want to start life with a house of their own that guarantees their privacy and their right to live as they please. Gone are the days of joint families. Young women don’t want to live with their in-laws, they want their own independent nucleus household.

However, since the BPP is unable to provide housing to the to-be married couples the young are choosing to either marry late or simply remain un-married. This has also resulted in many of our youngsters marrying outside. Today 2 out of 5 (40%) of marriages are interfaith marriage. By 2025, it is estimated that 50% and more marriages will be inter faith.

I have two children. It is my fervent hope that with the right upbringing both my children marry within the community and help our community numbers increase.


Many have aged ask me on the ‘Merit Rating Scheme’ and whether there is one in existence within the BPP. To my knowledge the Merit Rating Scheme was scrapped back in 2015, however since 2015 no new scheme has been formulated or proposed before this community.

This means all allotments today are arbitrary, out of turn and some maybe without merit.

Being an independent candidate who is in tune with our community requirements have an action plan to change the face of housing in the BPP.:-


  • Have Legal Experts draft/modify the Merit Rating Scheme which is applicable to each and every one. No exceptions to this rule whether you are a relative of a Trustee, a doctor etc.
  • The entire merit rating scheme should be made transparent. Applications and allotments must be made available through an online portal which can track the application status.
  • All unsolicited meetings with select Trustees should be stopped.

Facilities for existing beneficiaries:

  • Create a system for Online rent collection so that tenants can pay at their convenience.
  • Procedure for addition and deletion of residents in a BPP allotted flat must be clearly spelled out. Common rule for everyone.
  • Discourage arbitrary increase in rent collection.
  • Simplify the procedure for execution of subsequent leave and licence agreements.
  • Work around systems that can do away with leave and licence without jeopardy to the interest of the settlors.

I have always been available to answer all queries and I remain available even today. I have listed my email address and phone number below. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

I need your support to make your life better.

Ervard Xerxes Vispi Dastur

Email: Xerxes.Dastur.2018@gmail.com

Cell No.: 9820084449

Blog: xerxesvdastur.wordpress.com

Facebook: fb.me/xerxes.dastur.2018