BPP Elections

We Believe in A.R.T.

art-1I am close to completing my first term as Trustee of the BPP. Over the last seven years I have attended over 300 of the 320 or so board meetings, with an attendance rate of over 94%. Today, I am before you as a candidate eager to continue my service for our community for another term as Trustee.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will touch upon hard hitting issues, which matter to this community (which are skirted over by many). Over the last 45 years of service to society and community and more so over the last 7 years as BPP Trustee, I have seen the community face challenge after challenge. Through thick and thin and all through my 7 years as Trustee, I have never shown favoritism to any group or any allegiances to any individual. When I contested the last election, I had the support of ex-Trustees Dinshaw Mehta, Khojeste Mistree, Jimmy Mistry and current BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai. My slogan “Community” is what I have always believed in, because our small numbers need to remain united. I, for one, believe in serving the community for the community and not to appease any individual or group whomsoever they may be, for example:

1. When the majority Trustees obtained a stay order from the Charity Commissioner I opposed the stay as it was not in the interest / of the community.

2. When Mucherji Cama and Dinshaw Mehta wished to withdraw the case against the Renegade Priests, I opposed them because I felt safe-guarding our community’s religion is of utmost importance.

3. When the Managing Committee of the Parsi Lying-in Hospital made a commitment at the Board. Meeting before all the Trustees and, thereafter, turned turtle before the High Court the very next day, I appealed the High Court Order in the Supreme Court and obtained a Stay against the alienation of our valuable trust property.

4. Service before self is what the Tirandaz family has believed in always. I give a promise to one and all that I have never served by offering any kind of favoritism or loyalties. My service conies with honesty and integrity, which no other individual can offer.

I. Spearheading the residential project for differently able children in our community encompassing over 120 Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian children.

II. I am an Executive Committee Member of the following institutions:
• The Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Home for Street Children.
• The Dadar Matunga Parsi Zoroastrian Association.
• The Senior Citizens of the Five Gardens, Dadar, Wadala & Matunga.
• The Patuck Poly Tech-nique, which is a school and college of impeccable repute.

III. Integral part of the following institutions: Masina Hospital, Parsee General Hospital, Gamadia Health Unit, Dosibai Home, Leprosy Home, J.J. Parsi Ward, Parukh Dharamshala, Sakarbai Petit Hospital and J.J. Dharamshala.

IV. Member of the Ladies Committee of the Parukh Dharamshala.

V. Member of the Assisted Local Management of the D.P.C, which addresses the grievances of the residents of Dadar.

VI. Committee member of the Sakarbai Petit Hospital at Par el for 26 years. VII. President of the V.D. Theosophical Lodge and a life member in the Blavatsky Lodge.

1. Served at the Jai Vakeel School for the Physically and Mentally handicapped.

2. Teaching swimming to girls of the Dadar Blind School at the MGMO.

3. Taught 3 blind students for their B.A. exam students.

4. Teaching English at ANMOL, the Shelter for Street Children since four years.

5. Served at the hospice at Bandra for terminally ill cancer patients for over 10 years.

6. Committee member at the Petit Library for two term during life of Jal Khan and Mr Sholapurwalla.

7. Worked alongside my late husband, Rustom Tirandaz, from the very inception of his political career in the 1970s and helping him to shoulder responsibilities, which came with his post as a Corporator.

Published in the Jam-e-Jamshed