The Anjuman Dokhma restoration work was initiated through the generous donation by Ms. Havovi Merzban Sukhadwalla in memory of her maternal grand-mother late Mrs. Hirabai Pithawalla with a condition that the dokhma restoration work be done ONLY BY Parsi & Irani Zoroastrian Workers / Volunteers and all the payments of the project cost was to be paid directly by the Donor.

There were several meetings with the previous Board of Trustees at HO as well as at Doongerwadi with Ms. Havovi Merzban Sukhadwalla ; Mr. Hanoz Mistry ; Mr. Viraf Chiniwalla and Mr. Bomi Mistry.

However, the project was held up last year due to non-availability of the team leader Mr. Bomi Mistry due to personal reasons.

This year the Doongerwadi staff followed up on the pending project with the Donor and she very willingly said that she was interested in the project on a condition that the dokhma restoration work be done ONLY BY Parsi & Irani Zoroastrian Workers / Volunteers.

She mentioned that she would now make a donation of INR 10.00 Lacs to the Trust and the trust would be organising everything including procurement of equipment, raw materials; boarding and lodging, payments to workers / volunteers etc.

Accordingly, an initial meeting was held yesterday with Mr. Bomi Mistry at Doongerwadi office to get a confirmation from him of his availability for the project.

He has confirmed end December, 2022 – January, 2023.

He has requested access to the inside of the Dokhma for him to check on the internal plaster. He also requested to have the Dokhma Paavis cleared of the bodies and the post monsoon growth on the inner walls be removed (which Dokhma Kamdaars Mr. Shaarookh Dara Wadia and Mr. Eddy Sam Nargolwalla have started working on).

Once the said work is complete, Mr. Bomi Mistry ; Mr. Arzan Noshir Patel and Vistasper Mehta, the Manager would be accompanying him inside the Dokhma for inspecting the interior walls and the exterior walls. Post their exit, a ‘Nahaan’ will be organized.

Mr. Bomi Mistry, post inspection would be submitting a report on the work to be done, raw materials, equipment required, the number of volunteers etc. based on which a Project Budget for approval will be worked out.

In anticipation of the project, the Anjuman Dokhma has been rested since July to enable maximum ‘Sukko Nasu’ (dried skeletons).

On inspection of the Dokhma Bhandaar yesterday by Mr. Pervez G. Wadia (Mukadam – Pall Bearers) Mr. Arzan Noshir Patel and the manager, it was seen that the bodies had achieved about 80 % success in achieving ‘Sukko Nasu’.

Monsoons are expected till end October, post which a month more will be required for further drying.

‘Ashto-Daan’ is scheduled in December. Thereafter the Dokhma will be cleaned with water for the project to commence. Till then only Bisni Dokhma will be operational and Setthna Dokhma to a lesser degree.

Source: Parsi Junction