Ratan Tata Backs This Engineer’s Generous Plan To Save Stray Dogs Around The Country

Shantanu Naidu is an engineer at Tata Elxsi but more than that, he is a man with a golden heart. This 24-year-old engineer from Pune is winning hearts for his wonderful contribution for man’s best friend: dogs. He has developed a reflective dog collar which glows at night and hence prevents them from being accidently run over by motorists and car drivers. Ratan Tata,who is a self proclaimed dog lover, himself took no time in backing this amazing initiative and decided to fund Naidu’s production.

Currently ‘Motopaws’, the initiative being run by Shantanu, has over 15 vounteers and is getting success in cities like Goa, Bangalore, Assam, Mumbai, and Pune. Many organisations have offered to fund this establishment but Naidu wishes to keep his loyalty with Tata only, as he feels that with him, it is much more than just the money. It is a connection of hearts.

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