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Amidst the fire brimstone and vitriol that passes for virtual content these days, it’s nice to know that a collection of grabs from the speeches of the soft spoken and reticent Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata group has gone viral recently.

Made by a young admirer, the 12.10 sec unauthorised video has the former Tata chairman championing such old fashioned and forgotten virtues, as ‘humility,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘making a difference’ amongst his top 10 rules for success

That it has found such popularity in the digital world especially amongst a young audience, reveals that there is still a yearning for traditional values, though the turn in recent affairs of the country doesn’t indicate this.

But what struck us most was the section when Tata listed ‘doing what cannot be done’ as one of his principles, giving the example of producing the first indigenously built car that had rolled off the Tata gangway — the humble Indica. “Everyone told me that it could not be done,” he said candidly, adding, “But when I look back, nothing else has given me as much satisfaction as producing that car and proving my critics wrong.”

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