BPP Elections

An open letter by Dr. Zuleika Firdosh Homavazir

zuleika-homavazir-cropDear All,
PARSI TIMES has used their questionnaire to unethically promote their favoured candidates.
The most important answer to question:

Q5: Who are two candidates you would like on your team?
has been deliberately and deceitfully changed by Parsi Times promoting Munchi Cama & Noshir Dadrawala.

In fact my answer to question number 5 was given as:
“The Armed Forces symbolises Loyalty, Valour, Honour, Tradition and Sacrifice and such Distinguished Retired Servicemen are certainly welcome on board. Unlike candidates who have been associated with the BPP in the past as also candidates who make BPP their stepping stone for their personal financial mileage. I reiterate that I limit my campaign expenditure demonstrating financial reforms and do not subsist on large sponsorships. “THE BPP TRUSTEESHIP IS NOT A CROWN TO ADORN BUT A RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SHOULDERED EACH DAY”.

The deliberate changes made to my answers are absolutely UNETHICAL despite having been informed that any changes to be made requires prior notification.

The Parsi Times, a publication looked upto by most of us has now stooped to such levels to favour names from their end.
I expect them to give a clarification in their next publication.

Do our Parsi Press need to stoop to such levels of deceit and dismay?

Dr. Zuleika Firdosh Homavazir (Sattha)

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