BPP Elections


munch-xerxesIt has been my pleasure to serve our community for the last seven years of which sadly, the last few were marred by needless controversy.

Nevertheless, the time has come for me to hand the mantle of Trusteeship to someone new, who has fresh ideas and an undeterred commitment to serve the community. The BPP has witnessed constant in-fighting and politicking. With a fresh set of legs in the BPP, it is hoped this Board can step out of the rut it presently is in.

In my view, the BPP is in desperate need for a thorough professional who will be able to bring to the board a sense of ethics and professionalism, that has been long lacking. I would like to wholeheartedly endorse the candidature of Xerxes Dastur who in my view is great Trustee material who comes with a vision to serve the community and more importantly no past baggage.

The BPP needs a shaking and with fresh ideas I am sure Xerxes will be able to serve the community for the next many years.

Muncherji N. M.Cama