Introducing the new President of The World Zoroastrian Organisation – Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw M.B.E.

Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE was elected as the President of The World Zoroastrian Organisation on the 7th February 2021.

Zenobia-500x500Professor Zenobia addressed the WZO Committee Members after being elected as the President and we are happy to share her speech with all our members and well-wishers worldwide:

First and foremost I welcome you all to the WZO committee meeting being held this afternoon. Thank you to all the other WZO members from different parts of the world who are attending and listening. Secondly, I thank you all for your response and putting your faith and trust in me and my role as President of the WZO. I give you full assurance that with the help of the local committee and the WZO organization in the different parts of the world we will go onto bigger and better achievements.

In the spirit of Shahpurji and Sammy we need to work collaboratively —- particularly under the very sorry conditions of lockdown due to the covid pandemic raging across the world. It is now even more important to work in a collaborative and constructive manner with due diligence, respect and kindness towards each of us and between each of us. We need to continue the legacy left by Shahpurji and Sammy to offer solutions to our progress by doing appropriate work by taking honest and sensible decisions and being guided by Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds. Our business is to see clearly what lies ahead and how we proceed on the road to success and prosperity for all the community members and beyond. Thank You”.


Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and with 3 Honorary Doctorates and 2 Professorships at 2 different Universities in UK. She has over 44 years of experience of working in the English National Health Services and social services sector also Voluntary and Statutory Corporations with financial and management responsibilities.

Her areas of experience and practice includes clinical work, managerial and organisational work (including Corporate Governance work)  Her Academic work  extends as a Publisher, Teacher, Trainer, Examiner and Supervisor. She has published widely in the area of Double Discrimination which addresses issues of inequality, disadvantage and discrimination for vulnerable people in Society. One of her jointly edited book won the first Prize in the Health Series from the British Medical Association.

Professor Zenobia is highly regarded in the world of  Corporate planning, provision and service planning. Through her management of the different sections and special interest groups of the British Psychological Society she has influenced a wide work force in the Health and Social Services Sector. Professor Nadirshaw has had a major influence on service delivery, service planning, service provisions and on the training and competencies which was further effectively improvised in a multicultural, multi-ethnic British context.

She is well versed with the topics of Corporate Governance, team management, new business development and business strategy, including Risk Assessment and Risk Management, mentoring, negotiation, action research, Corporate  Management, Organisational Consultant / Supervisor, Finance Management, Audit and Ethical and Moral responsibility of Organisations. She has been Trustee and Chair of several Boards and Committees, including being Honorary Treasurer.

Professor Nadirshaw has worked extensively with students and with National Community Organisations with a view to encourage, support and develop the younger workforce  in terms of their leadership skills, their  management capacity to work and benefit  from working in diverse environments. Her work ethos has always been  to deliver on strategies in a competent manner and to deliver on key components of Corporate Strategy (Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Continuing Professional and Management Development, Ethical and Moral Responsibility.

Professor Nadirshaw has received several awards over the years from the British Psychological Society, from the City of London (Freeman of the City of London), Inspirational Migrant Woman of The Year and in 2019 received an MBE from Prince William at Buckingham Palace in 2019.


List of Major Awards:

1) The MBE June 2019 given by Prince William at Buckingham Palace

2) City of London Award, Nov 2017

3) Honorary Life Fellow and Lifetime Achievement Award. The British Psychological Society 2017.

4) Inspirational Woman of the year Award 2016.

5) Woman of Inspiration 2016.  (Her portrait was hung in the National Portrait Gallery in London).

6) The TIAW World of Difference award. The International Alliance of Women 2012 Washington.

7) Asian Woman of Achievement Award 2007.

8) Challenging Inequality of Opportunity Award. British Psychological Society 1996-1997


Professor Zenobia`s extensive experience, her dedication and enthusiasm is awe inspiring. WZO wishes Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw many further years of great achievements.