PUBG Saturday Night for Parsi Youth

PUBG Saturday Night for Parsi Youth
~ ZYNG 2.0 Organised A Crazy Play, Parsi Youth Waiting For Another Crazy Day

Some advantages of gaming (PUBG), when not played regularly or in excess, are helping in multitasking and increasing thinking ability and reflexes when exposed to different situations. Keeping this in mind, on 23rd May, Saturday night, ZYNG 2.0 (Zoroastrian Youth for Next Generation) enticed and engaged the Parsi Youth with ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ a friendly free gaming session for Zoroastrian youth.

ZYNG 2.0 received an overwhelming response from the parsi youth (male and female) to register (free of cost) for squad and solo matches. More than 170 parsis formed teams of 4 for squad games which were divided into 2 PUBG rooms with a total of 43 teams, leading to a second round and then finals…. More than 100 who had registered for the PUBG Solo Round and were eagerly waiting to show their might, got their chance post the squad finals. All the players had an exhilarating experience playing PUBG with and against their parsi friends through their mobile phones and tablets, at their respective homes.

Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night witnessed an Intense battle for the solo fight between the Meherdad Falhazada (Winner) and Burjis Billimoria (Runner Up)

Meherdad Falhazada from Bharuch Baug emerged as the ‘PUBG Solo’ Winner, elaborated on his experience and has suggested ZYNG 2.0 to organise such tournaments more often, “Winners Don’t Wait For Chances, They Take Them! ZYNG 2.0 Organised A Crazy Play, Waiting For Another Crazy Day”

Team Exotics (team name) proved to be the best team in ‘PUBG Squad’

Player 1: Original name : Huzan Sanga, PUBG name : HT¤TÍTÁÑ

Player 2: Original name : Rehan Dariashaw, PUBG name : SKÙLL々ÄÇÉ

Player 3: Original name : Pashin Bhadha, PUBG name : PashinBhadha25

Player 4: Original name : Yazish Patel, PUBG name : Yazish007

Huzan Sanga of the winning team (squad) expressed his joy ‘Amazing experience. In the last circle we were extremely frightened as there were 12 people alive. And we were so happy when we won. We couldn’t believe it’

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! GG Boys!!!!!!  The Winning Team (Squad) and Winner (Solo) have been awarded with a handsome cash prize…!!!!!

Receiving such an overwhelming response and enthusiasm, ZYNG 2.0 is planning for another gaming session (COD – Call Of Duty) on 20th June…

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