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Article by Pearl Tirandaz
Article by Pearl Tirandaz

Did we need a virus to tell us how we should have led our lives?. Uncertainty surrounds us now and we wake up every morning thinking, that today there will be some good news, some hope, some positive thoughts. But just the opposite happens. It is scary to imagine the next WhatsApp message that will appear on your phone could be about the next victim of the times.

I don’t think anyone really has time to think deeply about existence.  Although you feel bad and talk or text about it, you realise at some level that you have to start doing your daily chores and that the situation demands us to move forward. With the workforce working insane hours from home and to add to it, cooking and housework are taking a serious toll on one and all.

With tempers flying high, peace of mind seems to be fading. Thoughts of the freedom we had before 22nd March and how we took that for granted keep clouding the current rational. Busy lives, busy plans, busy year, were on the anvil before we were confined to our homes. Making long term goals, setting up financial goals for ourselves and our children’s education, a promotion,  job hunting, employing new personnel, settling down with a loved one, etc.. Today it all feels like a distant dream. A dream that is uncertain a dream that may not be fulfilled. These times are upon the entire human race, so why are we living in anxiety and regret?.

I ask myself now that if something had to happen to me, have I lived a fulfilled life?.

Did I spend enough time with my parents when I could have?.

Did I give enough time to my friends when they called me and I was busy?.

Did I give enough time to my children, who will always love me?.

My spouse who I took for granted like most of us do.

The world has changed now, but time still goes by so fast. We just may not get to say goodbye to so many people and we learn to live in regret.

So i suggest, message everyone on your phone with a “HI”. Have a group call and talk absolute rubbish like you did when friends met. Express your gratitude to your teachers who taught you well and made you independent. Speak with your family everyday in the hope that everyone will meet soon. Give a hug and a kiss to your loved ones at home who are your pillars of strength. More of love and gratitude is what one should take out from the experience of these times.

Because yes…… it took a virus to teach us life’s meaning of love.

– Pearl D Tirandaz