BPP Installs DIRECT HELP LINE For Community Members

Dear Community Members,

Given the difficult times the world is currently going through with the fatal danger that the dreaded COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) poses to the country in general, and our aging community in particular, the BPP is taking several steps to proactively, positively and effectively address the issues faced by our community members.

Our endeavours are aimed to help community members at multiple levels, to the best of our ability and our resources, despite the extraordinary challenges posed by a nation under lockdown.

The BPP has installed Dedicated Help Lines for community members to reach out to us for help/assistance on any issues that they are facing due to the lockdown, or for emergencies.

We will try to resolve issues regarding lack of food supplies/groceries, etc. as well as cater to medical needs/emergencies by connecting the elderly or incapacitated with doctors and GPs nearby and provide ambulance services.
We will endeavour to help to whatever extent we possibly can under these trying and difficult circumstances.

Kindly contact us on the following two numbers: Ronny Patel :9867946384 and Jimmy Merchant : 9819027857 between (9.00 am to 9.00 pm).

The BPP is also in the process of setting up small groups of volunteers per settlement (Baug/Colony/Building) who will be accessible to help out resident community members as well as those living close by. Community members who would like to volunteer in effacing the challenges faced by our brethren are requested to connect with us on the same numbers.

We are also working on a Disaster Management Plan and request professionals, especially doctors, to come forward and help our community members, during these challenging times.

We also request all members of the community to follow all government advisories in terms of health safety for all.

Since no publications are being printed (as physical copies), we request you to forward this message to as many people as you can, to ensure maximum circulation of this Dedicated Help Line, which will prove to be of great help to those in need.
We hope to serve ajnd resolve as many issues as possible for you!

Board of Trustees
Bombay Parsi Punchayet