An Uncensored Life: Zerbanoo Gifford

Published on Parsi Khabar

The official launch of this book is planned during the Times Litfest in Mumbai on December 4th, 2015

zerbanoo_paperback_2nd_november_thumb‘An Uncensored Life’ by seasoned editor Farida Master, is a compelling biography of the human rights campaigner Zerbanoo Gifford. A game changer at the heart of the women’s movement, an author of numerous history books on our shared heritage, Zerbanoo is the founder of the ground breaking international ASHA Centre for the empowerment of young people.

The official launch of this book is planned during the Times Litfest in Mumbai on December 4th, 2015

Born in India, Zerbanoo moved to London at the age of four. By her early thirties she had become a pioneer for Asians in British public life. She chaired committees, advised political leaders and was the first Asian woman to stand for Parliament, having made history being elected onto Harrow Council. Both local and global in her determination to see real change, Zerbanoo worked for the homeless charity ‘SHELTER’ and was director of ‘Anti-Slavery International’ the oldest human rights organisation in the world.

Overcoming racial attacks, political disenchantment, legal battles against the Government and a near-death experience, Zerbanoo’s is a gripping story of a fearless woman who has held fast to the causes of equality and global justice. Her story spans a period of unprecedented social change in Britain. Described as a warrior princess, she is also known as a cosmic networker, connecting people of all backgrounds, faiths and traditions in celebrating our humanity.

FWM6A6509_1_thumbIn the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu: ‘Zerbanoo’s vision has led to alternative ways to make a real difference in the world– and she trod that path, regardless of the challenges’. For philanthropist Meera Gandhi, ‘Zerbanoo has helped to empower women to take their rightful place in the international arena. Her story reads as a modern tale of shakti power.’ And for industrialist Ratan Tata ‘this biography of a remarkable lady reflects the momentous changes of our age and the importance of investing in the future of the world’s young.’

Ranging from funny to fascinating, spiritually uplifting to downright outrageous, Zerbanoo’s life stories illustrate the challenges facing women in the modern world, but also the triumphs and possibilities available to those open to life. As publisher and film producer Nari Hira says, ‘this amazing biography by the talented editor Farida Master, is meticulously crafted; each word, each sentence, each paragraph is riveting. From the first page to the very last sentence this biography is unputdownable’.

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