Ratan Tata takes to Instagram to find a home for a stray dog

The Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Ratan Tata, posted a picture of an abandoned dog on his Instagram account in hopes of finding her a loving family.

Since time immemorial, pets were always found in households. Over time, people have been putting extra effort into finding a home for these four-legged animals.

According to a survey by, the population of pet dogs in India in 2018 was about 19.5 million, and is estimated to reach 31 million by 2023. What’s more alarming is the higher number of strays in India – a whopping 35 million dogs, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

And, many of these dogs might have been abandoned by their families after being raised by them. Once abandoned, a dog may find it very difficult to keep itself going.

While volunteers from PETA, People for Animals, and other numerous organisations are encouraging stray dog adoption and care, Tata Group’s Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata is doing a small bit on his part by fruitfully utilising the social media.

On Tuesday, the 82-year-old industrialist took to Instagram to seek help from loving families that can shelter an abandoned dog named ‘Sur’. This is after he posted about another dog, Myra, last November, who found a loving home for herself.

“After having changed families multiple times, ‘Sur’ no longer has a family to look after her. One can still see the spirit and love she carries, and the hope to belong somewhere,” he mentions in the post.

Tata urged his followers, primarily from Pune, to fill out a form.

“Sur has been vaccinated and is loving and playful towards humans, as well as other dogs,” the form reads, according to The Hindustan Times.

With its link in his bio, the form also mentions a disclaimer: “Please do not try to adopt Sur to get Mr Tata’s attention. Please do not fill this form if you intend to keep her at a farmhouse or vacation house. She has to be with a family.”

The same disclaimer was also mentioned in the previous form for Myra’s adoption as well.

Many people were in awe after Tata made the post on the social media platform, which garnered about three lakh likes and about 1,200 comments. Many even volunteered to take the dog home, while others praised his thoughtfulness.

Tata concluded the post with a very thought-provoking statement – “I truly wait for the day that we no longer have to do this.”

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