PARSI Fire Temple Agiyari Belagavi

PARSI TEMPLE (Agiyari), opposite Benyon Smith High School, Camp Belagavi

The Parsi Fire Temple in Belagavi was consecrated a December 9th, 1891. The temple was built by Kurseji Pestonji Boyce. There is a Dharamshala, a guest house for Parsi travellers and also residences for the priest.

PARSI Fire Temple Agiyari Belagavi

In the year 1920, the temple was handed over to the Anjuman for maintenance and for performing the daily rituals. The rituals essentially comprise of fire worship and prayers which are carried forth, five times a day. The chief priest is the only authorized person to perform these rituals.

The first of the daily prayers are held immediately after sunrise, later in the noon, immediately after sunset, at night and the last worship is performed at 1 am. Zoroastrianism is a simple religion and has less of rituals and restrictions compared to other religion. The basic tenets only say that nothing should be done in excess. The prophet Zarathushtra, preached what is known as the “Golden Mean”, which says that there should be no overindulgence in any given act of human life. Parsi religion relies simply on good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

parsi-fire-temple belagavi
Photo: Darayus Engineer

The religion recommends no fasting or abstinence for any religious function or observance of a ritual. There is no allowance for conversion in this religion. One cannot be converted to Zoroastrianism. This alone has caused the diminishing of the community. Marriages outside the community are also forbidden and would lead to ex-communication in case of any violation of the dictum. Children of those excommunicated are barred from undergoing the “Navjyoth” or the initiation into the religion.

“Farwasi”, the bird-like symbol is all embodying for the Parsis, as it conveys that the soul also has light and fire in it.

The temple is managed by the Anjuman which consists of five elected members. There are only two classes of Parsis-the priestly and the non-priestly class.

parsi-temple-belgaumThe entry into the Fire Temple is restricted only to the Parsi community. The once 2000 and an odd number of the community today has dwindled to less than 150 souls. At present, there are only a few families left in Belagavi city.

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