BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala moves a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE against BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai

“The BPP office is closed today as is the case with many other establishments.

However the weekly meeting will be held this Thursday instead of Tuesday.

In the meantime there is disturbing news. The BPP Staff Association will have its annual celebrations on Friday 4th January 2019.

Traditionally every trustee is supposed to be invited. Last year it was postponed by the present Chairman as the former Chairman was also going to be present.

This year the current Chairman has arbitrarily decided to sponsor the event personally and reportedly told the staff that he will “invite only those trustees that he likes or wants to” as it is being sponsored by him.

Current chairman has also decided to give cash awards/rewards to his “loyal subjects/staff”.

In my opinion it is a disastrous start made by the “Chairman by Default” to the year 2019.

His autocratic behaviour has reached an all time low.

As sitting trustee, I would move a *Vote of No Confidence* in the Chairman and take steps to rein him in before he goes completely berserk and destructive.

He owes an apology to all his colleagues and the community.

Noshir H Dadrawala
Trustee – BPP”

We are made to understand that on this issue, all the other BPP Trustees stand behind Mr. Dadrawala and his views and sentiments against the BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai.