n our issue of 26-8-2018 we had highlighted the case of a proposed allotment of one more flat in Dadar Parsi Colony to Kairesh Patel, a Bhabha Sanatorium occupant though he was in actual possession of his fathers vacant Godrej Baug flat since his demise in 2016. His father, Cyrus Faramroze Patel, was the sole occupant of a 2RK flat No. C-10, Godrej Baug who expired on 23-5-2016.

In the case of ordinary mortals the Trustees post haste without even waiting for the mandatory four days prayers to end immediately put their lock on the demise of the sole flat occupant. But in this case though the flat is lying vacant and unoccupied since 2016, the Trustees have taken no steps to take over the vacant flat.

Though the correct course of action was to insist on Kairesh Patel occupying his fathers vacant flat in Godrej Baug as he was in possession of the same and was paying the license fees for it after his fathers demise or in the alternative allot him the DPC flat only after first taking possession of the Godrej Baug flat, yet Kairesh Patel was allotted the Dadar Parsi Colony flat under a Leave License Agreement dated 15-9-2018 but as yet his fathers Godrej Baug flat is lying vacant without any action being taken for its re-possession. The Trustees had assured the community that they were waiting for his brother to come back from USA in October 2018 and then file a case for his eviction but though October is now almost over yet no steps have been taken by the Trustees to reclaim the vacant flat.

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