yazdi-bppEver since this paper exposed the goings on in the Ivory Towers of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet and how the Chairman applied to the Chief Minister and the Govt. of Maharashtra seeking Exemption from payment of any Bonus to the 132 strong Superior Staff most of them being Parsis and the 212 Class IV Employees on ground of Cash Crunch by forwarding bogus fabricated statement of accounts instead of the Audited Accounts filed with Income Tax and Office of Charity Commissioner, we have been flooded with Files, Documents, Minutes, Resolutions ETC. from the disgruntled staff in an attempt to further expose their various Dealings.

As regards the BPP Notice to the Workers threatening to cut wages of eight days for the Mass Casual Leave on 21-8- 2018, we are informed that due to requests of Mrs. Armaity Tirandaz, Viraf Mehta and Xerxes Dastur, it is now decided to deduct only one days salary and not eight days.

We are also informed that the Exemption Application to the Govt. was done Board Resolution for which he was the Chairman was told that such a lapse should not occur agian.

As regards the Bonus payment, the Board by majority has decided that after the outcome on the next date of hearing of the Union Application before the Industrial Court on Friday 26-10-2018, all will be paid their Bonus before Divali. Thus this gory Chapter will come to an end one way or the other.

In our Issue of 14-10-2018, we had pointed out the manipulation of accounts deprive the staff of their labour dues and had asked the four Trustees who had given Yazdi the Authority to file reply in the Industrial Court on their behalf too.

Since this Affidavit is filed on behalf of other four Trustees, will they come out with the true figures of Income and Expenditure as on 31-3-2018 and 31-3-2017. In fact since this statements are affirmed as true on a sworn Affidavit filed on behalf of all of them then it would tantamount to Contempt Of Court as well as Perjury for knowingly filing false figures to mislead the Industrial Court.

We await the replies of the four Trustees.