BPP Elections

Erv. Xerxes Dastur’s Message To Humdeens

xerxes4My dearest members of the community.

I thank you so much for coming out and voting me in today.  This journey has been wonderful.

The election has come to an end but my commitment to serve the community starts today. I request everyone in the community to forget the past and let us jointly, as one, work towards a better and more prosperous community!

Through this journey, I have made many friends and learnt many lessons.. My knowledge of politics is limited and I wish to leave it that way. My promise to the community is to serve all without reason. I thank everyone for coming out to vote, with a special thanks to my family who have had to bear with a lot over the last couple of months.

It’s now time to get down to business and work as one.


Erv. Xerxes Dastur