BPP Elections

Finding Men of Honor

aboutDear Humdins,

As the BPP election draws to a close, I am left with mixed feelings of desolation and hope. Desolation, because of the plight of our humdins I have met, especially the poor. The worst affected appear to be residents of BPP colonies, with Panthaky Baug and Nirlon at the low end of the scale. The conditions are pathetic and disease is rampant. It is imperative that substantial funds are spent on these two colonies to ensure at least hygienic living conditions, free of mosquitoes and other pests. Enough has been said about how in the last two and half years our mobeds and others have been affected when welfare schemes for them have been scrapped by the BPP citing lack of funds.

I am hopeful because most of these problems can be speedily resolved with the right amount of compassion and common sense, as I have expressed before. In all my meetings, I have had a wonderful interaction with people; all of them have ended on a high and positive note. I am convinced that if the Trustees behave with the sole aim of service to the community, the BPP would be unrecognizable from the mess it is in today.

One question that has been asked at the meetings, which I have found difficult to answer, is ‘how will you function and implement your agenda if you don’t have other trustees who will co-operate for the larger good?’

To them my answer is as follows:

1. Please elect those candidates who don’t consider being a trustee a position of power to add to their resume but one of service to the community with no personal benefits, biases or agendas.
2. Please elect only those who follow the dictates of their conscience and recognize the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries of the BPP, that is each and every one of you. Someone who puts the community first, every time and always.
3. Please elect those persons who have communicated with you with humility and not arrogance, and those who are willing to learn and apologise for their mistakes.
4. Please elect those persons who have corporate and trust experience and who will maintain the dignity and decorum of the high office at all times, no matter the provocation.
5. Please elect individuals who are of independent thinking but can build consensus. Don’t elect panels as you don’t need four people of the same background or people who will vote together on all issues regardless.

The community has suffered enough in the last seven years due to groupism. We cannot afford a repeat of the last seven years. If that happens, the community will never recover.

I pray to Ahura Mazda to guide all of us to make the right choice on October 18th. Our future and the future of our children will depend on this.
I urge you to spread and share this message if you agree

Maneck Davar