BPP Elections


I would like to take this opportunity to say a final thank you to all of you as I sign off from the campaign trail .

I am no seasoned politician, I am a professional who has done finance my whole life. For me this entire election has been an experience I can never forget. Through this journey I have met so many loving people and so many who need our care and attention. This election has taught me that we are a community rich in history and culture but poor on simple things like providing basic aid to our seniors or houses to our Parsi couples.

This election saw ridicule and insults flying from all corners. As much as I would have liked a clean election, I realize now that no election can be clean without a Code of Conduct governing the candidates and the BPP, including all trustees. This is something which should be looked into immediately.

During my campaign I have touched on many issues including the need to reintroduce a merit rating scheme for allotment of flats that is mandatory for all, with no exception. I am a strong believer that our service charges need to be reduced, not because they cannot be afforded by all but because there has been no transparency on the increase by the BPP. These issues can all be resolved through dialogue and independent thinking.

Many who have never met me have said some really unfortunate things about me and my family. I understand this has all been election propaganda and I know if one meets with me their impression will be different. I have worked extremely hard my whole life to achieve where I am today. Now, I feel I am ready to put in my time and effort to help our community who is at a precarious point, with youth who are disconnected because of the constant in-fighting.

Whether elected or not, I promise one and all that I will serve our community, have no hard feelings against anyone and continue to remain available at all times.

I would like to apologize for the number of messages exchanged this election, however this will be my last one to you, till next week.

I wish all contestants the very best and promise to each member of the community to strive and deliver more than what I have promised; to listen and independently judge; to devote time, experience and knowledge to the trust; to promote Parsi culture; to protect our assets and to work with transparency and honesty within and beyond the BPP boardroom.

Please do come out and exercise your right to vote.

Thank you once again.