BPP Elections

Khushru Zaiwala asks hard hitting questions to Anahita Desai

Since Mrs. Anahita Desai is making a repeat attempt, for election to the Trusteeship of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat, I take this liberty, as a beneficiary, to seek clarification in matter of the earlier promise of her Respected husband and Mrs.Desai , to ” Preserve and Protect ” , the properties left behind by our ancestors, in solemn trust, which is the result of their lifelong hard labour of the Donors, who themselves lived a simple and a frugal life.

We are seeking honest answers , for the reasons why so many valuable trust properties of the Community have been attempted to be sold away, under whatever camouflage or pretext of ” Best Deal, Good Monies etc” , which will amount to subverting a public charitable religious trust . The specific instances which has hurt the religious sentiments of the community as most of the attempted liquidation , has occurred in last nine years, under the Trusteeship of Shri Yazdi Desai, which are as under —–

A). Mrs.Anahita Desai may please be kind enough to enlighten the community, about the reasons why her Respected Husband put his signature on the sale and transfer of a valuable Heritage property of Parsi Lying In Hospital, situated in the Fort Area of the City and established by Late Jamshedji Tata, in favour of one Mr. Khubchandani for a song, that too payeable by 30 annual installments payable over 30 years , without taking even a basic bank guarantee, of payments for future installments over next 30 years . Fortunately the Hon’ble Supreme Court set aside, the one sided deal in favour of Mr. Khubchandani.

B). Mrs Desai must enlighten the community, as to who inspired the present Chairman and his team to sign away the valuable property of Parsi General Hospital , situated in the most elite area of India at Breach Candy , Warden Road for a song, to Medanta Corporation situated at Gurgaon , New Delhi, for a deposit of only Rs 2 crores, for a property worth Rs.2000 crores, by a secret agreement, which violates all laws of Public Trust, under a cover of a “Secrecy Covenant” with Medanta Corporation. It is no answer to say that the Managing Committee of the Parsi General Hospital had carried out this illegal operation , and Mr. Yazdi Desai and his team, only confirmed the sale , done under the camouflage of “Management Contract.”

C). There are also reports, that the Chairman of BPP and his team, has sold away the last resting place of the dead, being the Aramgarh, situated in the city of Dharwar, inspite of a public notice issued in newspaper Deccan Herald having wide publicity in Dharwar and Hubli , warning all parties of the legal consequences. If this information is indeed true , then it is no answer to say , that said sale was carried out by FPZAI, which is also headed by Mr. Yazdi Desai.

D) . It has come to the knowledge of the Parsi Community , that Mr. Yazdi Desai, once again under the cover of FPZAI is attempting to sell away the vast Doongerwadi and Agiary properties in the bustling city of Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh, and has appointed land surveyors and Advocates for this deal . Assuming there are only 12 Parsees residing in Neemuch, as an excuse trotted out by Shri Yazdi Desai for such liquidation , the Learned Chairman ought to be aware that the Parliament has enacted laws for such an eventuality and the Mr. Yazdi Desai has no authority to mop up the public religious properties of Neemuch Anjuman, throwing his solemn 2008 election promises to ” Protect and Preserve ” , the Parsi Religious properties to the winds , under the guise of ‘ monetization , good monies , best deal etc’ , which is respectfully submitted amounts to a clear breach of trust .

E). It is also reported that the BPP , headed by Chairman Yazdi Desai is evicting the residents of another prime property on the sea , opposite Bandra Bandstand , being Bhabha Sanatorium, with intention of commercially developing the property for cosmopolitan purpose , which once again amounts to a fraud on Charity.

F). It is now well known that the Learned Chairman of the BPP, and his team of four has now crossed all limits and are now planning to surrender the title of the land at Aderbad Building situated at Hughes Road and A. H.Wadia Baug, situated at Parel Tank Road to the occupants, in a case filed by the some occupants against the BPP , which suit is legally not maintainable, under the guise of consent terms in such frivolous litigation . Such a surrender of the title of this valuable land , which vest with the BPP, will only help the builders waiting in the wings , and such an illegal act seems to be done by BPP and the team of 4 with their eyes wide open which is the misfortune of the community. It is respectfully submitted that this is nothing but an illegal electoral practise, of granting favours to the flat owners , and thereby buying the votes in the forthcoming election of the BPP Trusteeship. By giving away the properties worth 400 crores of more for free to A H Wadia Baug and Aderbad Building, the Parsi only covenant, will thus be lost forever.

The Parsi Zoroastrian beneficiaries are awaiting a early reply from Mrs. Anahita Desai in Public Interest .

Mrs. Anahita Desai will please appreciate that by not replying or maintaining a stoic silence as usual , will amount to an admission in Law .

Khushru Zaiwala