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Candidate Profile: Minoo Nalawalla

Minoo NalawallaDear Friends,

The reason you are reading this is because I have committed to everyone, my family and myself, the welfare of Zoroastrian community by standing as a candidate in the Bombay Parsi Panchayat Election 2015. I am a 69yr old retired journalist, and have worked very closely with the late Busybee – Behram Contractor at Afternoon newspaper. Family and friends call me a community activist.

Born in Surat, our family moved to Mumbai just after Independence and we settled in the quaint lanes of Dadar Parsi Colony. We lived there for close to 45 years before we moved on to another area. Quite clearly, DPC has seen my childhood, youth, middle-age and more. I studied at JB Petit Technical School, Pune and pursued Mechanical Engineering. I am married to a wonderful wife and have one son who is an entrepreneur and Radio-Jockey himself.

My career has been a mixed bag and diverse. Having spent close to two decades as a journalist, I have also been part of Bollywood film industry, manufacturing units, and hospitality sector. In 2009, I also stood as an MLA candidate (independent) Colaba constituency with a single agenda – To shake our community from National politics and push our youth to stand for municipal as well as national elections, something that our community has refrained from over the past few decades. We are a community who have been active participants in nation building, but that’s somewhere got diminished, but thankfully not disappeared.

It’s the same thought that has got me to stand for the elections, which are much closer and prominent for our community members.

We have all witnessed the malfunctioning of our BPP office, especially since the past seven years. This was brought to light not just by community publications but mainstream media as well, which in turn has been a huge embarrassment for each of us.

Being a retired professional, I feel it’s my responsibility to shake things for the betterment and therefore want to stand for one word – WELFARE – of the community. I am aware the BPP office has become synonymous with corruption and other insinuating terms, but trust me – AT 69, MONEY IS THE LAST THING ON MY MIND. At an age where one would love to retire with their family I am willing to give up the pleasures, roll my sleeves up and do the job myself.


I am NOT power hungry but highly motivated. Team or no team, I can get things done.. Immaterial of me winning or losing, will try my best and send strong message to both, the outgoing trustees as well as the fellow candidates to ensure there is no place for greed and corruption in this office. Even if I lose, I will continue to hound the BPP office and make them accountable for their actions at all times, as I have been doing over the past several years. I have been a silent fighter and believe now is the time for me to come out in the open and take this cause in an assertive way.

I believe it’s high time our community gets a full-time name in BPP office who’s mere presence can expedite work and decisions. The BPP office needs several spokes. Without a fair representation of the society mix, we may witness a repeat to the same past seven years. I strongly believe I am able and can fill THAT one gap in the seven seats with my ‘ACTION’ ability.

Minoo Nalawalla
minoo.nalawalla@gmail.com | 9322399082 | twitter.com/minoonalawalla

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