Latest Revelation by Noshir H. Dadrawala

Latest Revelation by Noshir H. Dadrawala

Exposes A Shocking Exchange of Emails with Kersi Randeria

noshir-kersi-2There have been a flurry of revelations by Trustee Noshir Dadrawala post a turbulent Board meeting on Tuesday, April 24., which lead to his resignation as a Trustee of the BPP.

In a latest development, Noshir reveals a chain of emails exchanged between him and one time ally, Kersi Randeria, after they had walked out of the Board meeting and left the BPP building.

Read from the bottom up to get a clear understanding of what transpired. Shocking and defamatory insults is the least one would attribute to the vile and vengeful tone of Trustee Kersi Randeria’s email. Are these the true colours of the individual who controls both the mainstream Parsi newspapers ? Is this who the community voted in ?

Should the community be worried ? Is this a sign of things to come ?

In case you are wondering why I will no longer write for PT … this is the reason.

I was loyal to Jame for 30+ years but when the lady editor turned it into a Presstitude, I quit writing there.

I enjoyed writing for PT. But, my heart is no longer into a paper owned by a once “friend” who has hurt me so badly.


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Noshir BPP <>

Date: 25 April 2018 at 16:31

Subject: Re: Agenda for the meeting of the Board of Trustees to be held on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 6 p.m. in the Parsi Punchayet office

To: kersi <>

Cc: Zarir Bhathena <>

I had no intention to respond to you. But, I am not going to let you get away with this load of rubbish either.

You talk about your two sweet friend who you think I was insulting. You forget that I told Dinshaw that you cannot say things like this in modern times to anyone. You forget I was asking Viraf, “are they not Parsi Zoroastrians”. I never had nor have any issues with Kay and Sherry. If they were so offended with me why did both of them come to my house at night and despite my telling them to go away they kept calling me at my door (to my embarrassment and the neighbors wondering what was going on with a lady asking to be let in especially at a time when my family was not at home) and yet I took both in and talked to them nicely.

You are very offended that your “sweet friends” were offended but you have nothing to feel offended about that beloved chairman of yours insulting your once upon a time friend seated right next to you.

And, yes, much as this may offend you, I have seen a side of you that many had warned me about about but my faith in you and respect for you was so great that I could not see it.

And how often you have complained about Zarir being quiet. But, yesterday my saying it has infuriated you. Wah!

And, yes I wanted to leave BPP long ago and you know exactly why? In fact you also have been equally frustrated. Zarir too has talked of resigning. Only I have found the courage to do what I said I would, not once but now twice. Because what the community will say does not matter to me. What my heart and mind will tell me is far from important.

And please remember I had neither called Dinshaw Mehta to BPP nor called your two sweet friends to the BPP. Dinshaw was called by his son and your sweet friends were called by you. I did not ask them for their papers. The sad part is I was fighting for them, but you are so consumed by your own twisted thinking that you took it differently.

You have asked me to go to hell …. I am sure hell is a far better place than this cess pool of murky politics.

In any case, I do not wish to drag this any further. I am now out of BPP and your life.

Do what you like.

Enjoy heaven without the friend who truly respected you and really liked you for what he thought you were … once upon a time!


On 24 April 2018 at 22:47, kersi <> wrote:

Noshir your behaviour today was apalling

You let the father and son duo insult my friends who had come for justice – run down the couple again and again in more ways than one – questioning their origins, their personal choices, their marriage

All in your pompous desire to ensure that justice is done

You sir were a bigger problem than the Mehtas

You allowed 2 sweet individuals to be humiliated once again, even if it was behind their back

Neither you nor the Mehtas had any business discussing their personal choices, their lives……

You think they care about a home? Shove the home is what they will tell you.

You made them cry….. again

They carried papers to prove their bonafides……

WHY NOSHIR WHY??????????

Do you carry your marriage papers around to prove that you are married. If not why should they?

Do you carry medical papers of your surgery to prove or disprove some allegations ? If you don’t, then why should they?

They came running to your house to show you their “proof”

Do you go to people’s houses with papers?

The Mehtas are low life, without a decent bone in their body

And yet today you did more damage than the Mehtas

You compared me to Dinshaw Mehta  – Don’t ever do that again

You mocked Zarir for not speaking up and questioning why he became a Trustee

For over a year and a half you have been talking about resigning

This has nothing to do with others – it has only to do with yourself

Four times

Today you hurt my friends

You made them cry

You made them suffer


How much more I have to say

Go to hell Noshir

Don’t hurt the innocents……



Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

——– Original message ——–

From: Noshir BPP <>

Date: 24/04/2018 20:43 (GMT+05:30)

To: “Viraf D. Mehta” <>

Cc: Kersi Randeria <>, “Viraf Mehta, CLSA” <>, yazdi <>, Zarir Bhathena <>, ArmaityRustomTirandaz <>, Yazdi Desai <>, Yazdi Desai <>, cawas panthaki <>, aspi f sarkari <>,, bppfinance1681 <>, BPP Housing <>, mugdha sawant <>, rustom r todivala <>, Bilal Baig <>

Subject: Re: Agenda for the meeting of the Board of Trustees to be held on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 6 p.m. in the Parsi Punchayet office

For the record, I have no love for Mr. Dinshaw Mehta. In fact he has often attacked me and still does on matters like PLIH.

But, as trustee I have to be fair and not only ensure that justice is done, but seen to be done.

I genuinely wanted to hear facts from every proverbial horse’s mouth …. Dinshaw Mehta … the Patels …. everyone … and I think it was absolutely disgusting behaviour on part of the chairman to tell the staff: “ai Noshir umtho umtho ….” and another colleague making angry eyes at me. Come on, I am not some errant school boy to be shooed and intimidated like that. If i have a question to ask I will and it’s no one’s business to shut me up. I am not any Master’s Voice except my own!

Next thing I hear is chairman say, “as chairman I am adjourning the meeting”. How convenient. If this is the respect he has for a fellow trustee, what respect can he have for outsiders! It’s a shame. Yet another example of arbitrary reaction, disrespect and unfairness.

I am a trustee who thinks and acts independently and speaks up when he has to. If my colleagues cannot digest it too bad.

I think it was huge mistake my re-contesting in 2015. I am too upset right now, but, I will decide on my options for the future by tomorrow. Goodbye!