Noshir H. Dadrawala Narrates What Lead To His Resignation From The BPP!

Noshir H. Dadrawala Narrates What Lead To His Resignation From The BPP!

noshir-dMr. Desai has stated:  “Noshir was attempting to conduct some kind of judicial inquiry between Dinshaw Mehta [the former BPP chairman] and some residents of Bhabha Sanatorium whom Dinshaw was insulting and humiliating. To avoid any confrontation in the board room, I requested Noshir to stop that inquiry.”

The questions to ask are as follows:

1. Who invited Dinshaw Mehta to BPP that evening?
Certainly not me.

It was requested by his son Viraf and everyone seemed o.k. about it. I came to know that he woulld be visiting only a couple of hours before the meeting when I read Viraf’s email (I was out at business meetings on Tuesday till almost 4.15 pm)

2. Who had invited a couple called Kareyesh & Sherry to the BPP?
Certainly not me.

A. Yes, as trustee I was questioning Dinshaw to hear his side. I may not like him and neither is he my friend. But, as trustee, I was doing my job.

B. If my colleagues did not like my independent stand. Too bad?

C. If Kareyesh & Sherry cried after the meeting it was not because I said anything to them. The entire proceedings is recorded on camera and audio as required for every BPP meeting. Let the tapes be made public and as they say it will be “dudh ka dudh and pani ka pani

D. The chairman had no business to tell the 4 senior BPP staff sitting at the meeting: “Ai Noshir umto umto Dinshaw ne uktejan apech” All that Noshir Dadrawala was doing is giving a fair hearing to both aggrieved parties.

E. At the start of the meeting I was all for the a joint meeting between Dinshaw and that couple who was hurt. But, I was over ruled. In interest of justice not just being done but seen to be done, I agreed we meet Dinshaw separately as a Board and then the couple and then everyone together. But, by then Chairman said, “As chairman I have powers to adjourn this meeting” and he walked out. So did I. He took the elevator I took the stairs (I am selective about the company I keep in elevators). I exited the main gate before him and went home.

F. I was peacefully working at home on my laptop when the doorbell rang. There was Karyesh And Sherry at my door. I told them I have nothing to say. They started to plead behind my door and all my neighbours started to wonder why a lady was pleading outside my door when I was alone at home at night. So I took them in. taked to them a bit and sent them off nicely. Next morning the neighbours were telling my wife “why was this lady crying. Who is she”. Hope you get the idea about how ugly this was getting.

To conclude:

a) I had called no one to BPP
b) I have insulted no one
c) I have made no one cry
d) I was trying to strike the balance and hear all sides.
e) Chairman adjourned the meeting
d) Yet, colleagues have accused me of making the couple cry! Really!!
e) Chairman insulted me in front of the staff but colleagues took insult to Kareyesh which was not from my side, far more seriously.

In short, as the saying goes: give the watch dog a bad name and hang him. Congratulations, Mr. Chairman by default! One can well imagine what will come to bite my colleagues once his spouse gets in.

Noshir H. Dadrawala
Former trustee BPP

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