We have some good news thanks to the support from the community, the sincere efforts of almost all our Association members and activists but most of all the humaneness of some trustees on the BPP board. We are given to understand that the stalemate on the sudden, steep, (at least to a few in the community), unwarranted, and as yet unjustified increase in the service charges is likely to be reconsidered/broken in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the efforts of a few trustees, I reliably learn that the BPP Board will in the next few weeks (as some of them/us will be travelling) have a re-look at the Baug wise expenses and apply their minds harder and deeper and try to arrive at a just, fair and equitable increase which is reasonable.

In the coming weeks, custodians are likely to be told not to exert any pressure on those who may find it difficult to pay the increased charges. Also people who cannot afford to pay will not be put to the indignity of applying for exemption/relief followed by financial scrutiny by the liaison committee. In view of this development, I feel those residents who are not willing to pay the increased service charges should again approach their custodians and offer to pay ONLY their rents and other dues which they were willingly paying till January 2017. If the custodians still refuse to accept rents and insist on collecting the increased service charges simultaneously, then they should bring this to the notice of their respective associations or by E-mail to the undersigned.

The BPP may call a public meeting next month to explain their stand to the community with full facts and figures.

If the above materializes, as we all hope, we should in the near future see the end of this controversy.

Phiroze Amroliwalla

Published on Bombay Samachar