World Zoroastrian Congress 2018 In Perth

1G’day All Zoroastrain friends,

Exactly 2 years from today – Perth will be the place to be – as the Zoroastrians from around the world congregate in our beautiful city.

We are pleased to inform you that Australia had been awarded the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress (Adult) for 2018 on25 December 2015 during the Global working group meeting, at the time of the Iranshah Utsav in Udvada

The Congress dates are from Friday 1 June 2018 to Sunday 4 June 2018.

City hosting the Congress is Perth – Western Australia

This being the first time the Congress is gracing our shores it is a historic event for us all .

Our Zoroastrian brethren in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & of course Perth look forward to your presence here at the time

We shall endeavour to make this Congress a fun time, entertaining and with interesting lively discussions. A fresh approach to your Congress planned.

Time for local sightseeing, meeting other Zoroastrians from the worldwide diaspora, for business people, specialists & entrepreneurs time for meeting their counterparts in Australia to expand their contacts & influence

And if you have some interesting thoughts for the Congress, do let us know, we will appreciate your input to make it a memorable Congress