Delicious Tomato Par Eeda Recipe

tomatopareeduplateThe perfect all-day breakfast meal,this delicious tomato par eeda recipe is a Parsi speciality. Basically, it consists of a spicy onion and tomato mixture served with a baked egg on top, and is usually accompanied by a serving of matchstick potato fries (sali). To keep my breakfast (which I ate for lunch) super healthy, I skipped the fries. I also substituted the normal soft white pav loaded with butter for some very lightly buttered multigrain bread. The tomato par eeda recipe is delicious enough on its own without needing the extra decadence! Other changes – to add more veggies, I threw in some mushrooms and half a leftover courgette along with the tomatoes to make a more filling lunch. You can try experimenting with your own veggies of choice too!
Here is my version of the tomato par eeda recipe

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