Vohuman cafe…. The Journey !

A man is known by the place he occupies. Very rare it is that a place us known by the man who is the life and heart of the place, Vohuman Cafe truly belongs to Hormaz Irani and his heart beats for his Vohuman Cafe…

Vohuman now and forever with Irani Sarosh-

The road where Vohuman used to be does not feel the same when you walk today. Sensing this for the legacy of a 38 year old place and a young man at it’s counter, thanks to Sarosh, we got the privilege to be a part of capturing this legacy with fantastic team of Aditya and friends.

The team worked for over 5 days continuously trying to capture the DNA of Vohuman…

Here is a brief attempt at cherishing the memories of Vohuman and the Human there….

We all know the man Rocks.

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