The future of the BPP and the community is at stake. As this paper has said earlier, this election is all about POLICY.

•Policy to ensure safety of the community from threats and blackmail

• Policy to convert all eligible leave and licenses to tenancy

• Policy to allow encashment of tenancy rights

• Policy to permit automatic transmission of tenancies etc. by administration

• Policy to involve elected Colony Association in all welfare activities of their Baugs

• Policy to auction High Value flats till funds required

The two groups contesting this election have different views on these policies.

The UNITY GROUP led by Mrs. Tirandaz has assured the community that it will:

Ensure no licensee will be threatened with eviction and no false proceeding filed against him

Ensure that all eligible leave and license are converted to tenancy

Tenants shall be given the right to encash their tenancies on sharing basis

Tenants will be permitted to automatically include the names of their Parsi children and spouse on the rent receipt without interference from Trustees.

Ensure safety to all beneficiaries

The other group of candidates are led by Kersi Randeria.

• Kersi Randeria has brought a stay on the conversion of leave and licenses to tenancy

• He does not believe that a tenant should be allowed to encash his tenancy rights but he feels the tenant should return the keys of the flat to the BPP – FREE OF COST • He believes in increasing service charges on beneficiaries

• He believes in stopping auction of all flats

In 16 months of leadership, Mrs. Tirandaz has accomplished more than the previous majority of Trustees accomplished in 63 months.

A vicious campaign is being circulated on whatsapp that Mrs. Tirandaz is not fit to be chairperson. These messages are being circulated by the same group of people led by Kersi Randeria who would benefit from spreading such false information against Mrs. Tirandaz. These people seem to be worried that once Mrs. Tirandaz gets re-elected, she with her team will infact change the face of the BPP for the good, finally exposing the rot that had set into the BPP.

By converting all leave and licenses to tenancy, the opposition will have no threat over beneficiaries. They will have no way to blackmail them with eviction from homes.

With this, the community will be safe again.

Mrs. Tirandaz is a leader who does not shout or intimidate beneficiaries but instead listens, ponders and decides!

Voters are requested to vote wisely for their own safety and protection and vote for the Unity Team under the leadership of Mrs. Tirandaz.

Source: Parsi Juntction