16th East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group completes a centenary of excellence in Scouting

To commemorate the completion of 100 glorious years of service to our community and country IN DEVELOPING YOUNG BOYS TO BECOME RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS, ADULTS AND WITH THE VALUES OF THE ZOROASTRIAN RELIGION, the 16th East Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group organised the centenary year annual day virtual celebrations on Saturday, 1st August. 

The celebrations kicked off with a Machi and then a thanksgiving Jashan Ceremony which was witnessed by current and past members of the Young Zoroastrian Society to which the 16th East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group & 71st East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Guides Company belong. This was followed by a virtual entertainment programme including cake cutting ceremony, an entertaining act (naatak) by some scouters, reliving 100 years through a video & image compilation of memories, NRI members of the group sharing their experience and memories of their scouting days and how they feel they have benefitted from the same and motivational anecdotes and good wishes from District Chief Commissioner Dr. Cyrus Wadia, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor and the youth icon and editor of Jam-e-Jamshed Ms. Shernaaz Engineer.

The annual day function had to include awarding and felicitating the Individual and Patrol (team) achievements in Scouts and Guides in the past one year and also during the lockdown phase. The cubs and Scouts were busy with activities provided by the scouters even during the lockdown through the virtual mediums of Zoom and WhatsApp, compilation videos of the same were played. There was also recognition of some exemplary covid warriors of the Young Zoroastrian Society who have been of great service to the community during the months of the pandemic.

Mr. Noshir Randeria, Group Leader Scouts, 16th East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group, commenting on this great milestone, “Our group was founded on 1st August 1920 by the Late Scouters Ardeshir Jilla and Merwanji Mehta. Our group has seen many glorious days and we have been to camp every year starting with our first camp at colaba with 13 boys. The group has been conducting camps and tours, at a very nominal cost to places across India including Gujarat, Delhi, Agra, Mount abu, Amristar, Goa, Kolkata, Banglare, Ooty and many more. The Scout Group, year after year has been participating and winning at almost all District Competitions. We have also been proud of our scouts who make good progress in scouting while they excel well in academics too.“

“Our Scout group, the 16th East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group (ZBS), was founded on 1st August 1920 to train our Parsi youth in various physical, mental & other skills so as to become good citizens and positive human beings and contribute positively to society. Thanks to all our group forefathers and past & current members who have made this momentous occasion possible. At first there was extreme disappointment that we would not be able to have the Ground events planned, but then the team remembered the law, especially the 8th which states – ‘A Scout is brave and smiles under all difficulties’ and come somewhere around mid-June started planning for a virtual event. Did it go well? Probably as well as a ground event if not better! With all throwing in their bits and showing great creativity and a resolve to ensure success! And when the ZBS resolves; Nothing can stop them. They were aided well by our sister Group – The 71st East Bombay Guide Company. We hoping to celebrate this fantastic milestone with even more gusto on a grand physical platform soon.” Scout Master Mr. Freddy Khapoliwala added.

On 16th East Bombay Scout Group completing 100 years, Ms. Mackie Majra, Group Leader Guides, 71st East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Guides Group, which celebrated its 27th birthday on 1st August, said, “At this momentous occasion as you all look back with pride at the achievement and milestone of 100 years, I call upon the younger generation to pledge to continue sharing scouting skills and knowledge with our young boys and girls. Congratulations to one and all.”

The 16th East Bombay Scout Group, under the arch of Young Zoroastrian Society (YZS), welcomes all young boys between 5 to 17 years of age (preferably join before 13) who wish to join the group and fill their lives with excitement while growing into independent adults leading happy lives and having a group of good Zoroastrian friends for life. 

The group holds meetings on rainy days from 8am to 10.30am at Gamadia School and on non-rainy days they also have a game of baseball starting 7am at Parsi Gymkhana grounds before proceeding to Gamadia school to end at 10.30. Parents interested in enrolling their son can visit and connect with Scout Master – Mr. Freddy Khapoliwala – 9820153066 / Cub Master – Mr. Pesi Patel – 9819937318 / Asst. Scout Master – Mr. Firdous Satha – 9167626268  / Asst. Cub Master – Mr. Burzin Tavadia – 9892176624