Pretty Boman Parsi New Year Play

pretty-bomanBollywood star Boman Irani is playing the lead in a movie … only problem?. Boman Irani doesn’t know he’s in the movie. How do you get footage and dialogues from an actor without his knowledge?

Failed theatre director Cavas Contractor (Danesh Irani) is out to make a movie with no money, no script, no location, no actors and no talent.

Disclaimer: Boman Irani doesn't know he's in this movie, please don't tell him.

Boman Irani, Danesh Irani, Darius Shroff, Danesh Khambata, Sajeel Parakh and Dilnaz Irani.

Duration: 50 mins
Language: English, Hindi, Gujarati
Platform: streaming online on YouTube
When: from August 16, 2020 onwards
Genre: Comedy
Produced by: SiLLy PoiNt Productions
Written & Directed by: Meherzad Patel
Story, Concept and Title: Danesh AR Khambata