The benevolent Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla who has been doing so much for the Parsi community, including our mobeds and doongerwadi staff has come out with a very beneficial proposal for our community.
As many are aware, oxford university in collaboration with Dr. Poonawalla’s serum institute of India is in the forefront to develop a vaccine for treatment of the present pandemic scourge of covid 19. We hope and pray that his team achieves success at the earliest.

True to his benefactor status of the Parsi community, he has agreed to set aside 60,000 vials of vaccine for exclusive Parsi use as and when developed.

He is truly one of the last sethias of yore who is touted as the next Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy with his caring attitude for the poor and neglected members of not only the Parsi community but for all communities.

He deserves to be invited by the community to enter unopposed the portals of Bombay Parsi Punchayet as the chairman and clean the augean stables. With his humility and his impeccable integrity he will certainly deliver the goods for Parsis who have been lacking a leader of his stature.

His offer to set aside 60,000 vials emanated from the whatsapp message sent to him on Wednesday 22nd july 2020 by ex-Chairman of BPP, Dinshaw Mehta, as under:

My Dear Dr. Poonawalla, sir, this is Dinshaw Mehta with a request for community blessings. Your vaccine firm of serum institute is a front runner in search for a vaccine for covid 19 and the whole community prays and wishes that you achieve your goal and dream to find a vaccine.

My request is to please please reserve atleast 60,000 vials for the Parsi community in the first batch. We are a micro minority and every Parsi is required to be saved and healthy.

At present we are only around 60,000 in numbers and around 40 Parsis so far have died of covid. Hence this personal special request. You love our community for whose welfare you have been doing so much and hence this humble request.

With Warm Regards,
Dinshaw Rusi Mehta

Dr. Poonawalla replied the same night agreeing to reserve 60,000 vials of vaccine exclusively for Parsis. Let us pray that his firm succeeds in finding a vaccine at the earliest benefitting not only Parsis but the whole world in general.