‘Call of Duty’ Saturday Night for Parsi Youth

‘Call of Duty’ Saturday Night for Parsi Youth
~ ZYNG 2.0 successfully brought together the COD players in the Parsi Community, India and Abroad

After receiving tremendous response from Parsi Youth for the ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’, ZYNG 2.0 (Zoroastrian Youth for Next Generation) did not want the Call of Duty Players in our Parsi Community to be left out and therefore enticed and engaged them with a friendly free ‘Call of Duty’ gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday 20th June at 9.30pm..

Some advantages of gaming (COD), when not played regularly or in excess, are increasing thinking ability and reflexes when exposed to different situations.

ZYNG 2.0 received an overwhelming response from the Parsi youth to register (free of cost) and play the Covid Mobile – Battle Royale Solo to emerge as the last operators standing, grabbing handsome cash prizes for top 3 positions.
All the players including some staying in other cities like Bangalore and some in other Countries like the U.S. had an exhilarating experience playing the Battle Royale against their Parsi friends through their mobile phones, tablets and emulators at their respective homes.

Parsi COD Night witnessed an Intense battle for the solo fight with top 3 survivors – Burjis Billimoria (Winner), Aashad Vesuna (1st Runner Up), Mazda Disalwalla (2nd Runner Up)

Bangalore based, Burjis Billimoria emerged as the Winner of COD Battle Royale Solo, elaborated on his experience and thanked ZYNG 2.0 I really thank ZYNG 2.0 for connecting our community and hosting such events, it gives people with some talent an opportunity to make new friends and try their luck at winning some handsome cash prizes too. Now I have a full team to play scrims with, in COD Mobile.”

ZYNG Gaming Night – COD Battle Royale Solo – TOP 5

1st – Burjis Billimoria – Rs 3000 Cash Prize

2nd – Aashad Vesuna – Rs 2000 Cash prize

3rd – Mazda Disawalla – Rs 1000 Cash Prize

4th – Malcolm Ilavia

5th – Perraz Badhniwalla

This event organized by ZYNG 2.0 was successful in connecting and bringing together the COD Players in the Parsi Community as they ended up exchanging Gaming IDs and informing each other about different Parsi groups playing COD. #zynggamingnight #parsicod #parsicodnight #battleroyalesolo

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ZYNG 2.0 is a whole new beginning with new ideas and a new committee to continually provide a platform for bringing the Zoroastrian youth closer.
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