Article by Delreen Jamsheed Daruwalla

Delfrin, the gifted child

There is no greater disability in the society than the inability to see a child as more.

When you judge someone on their diagnosis, you miss out on their beauty, abilities and uniqueness. Having said that, all special children (gifted children) are wonderful and deserve  immense love and respect in their lives. In my article here, I have penned achievements of a beautiful child named Delfrin Kasad, loving daughter of Farah and Hormaz Kasad.

She was born with Down Syndrome, yet born beautiful.

Children with Down Syndrome may appear different, but they wish to be treated the same way, with love, respect, kindness, understanding and friendship as other children.  Despite their challenges, kids with Down syndrome love to socialize, enjoy life, get employment opportunities in future and become successful in life. Delfrin fits in just right.

According to the mother, Delfrin has shown tremendous academic progress and shows keen interest in other activities. She enjoys listening to music and grooves to some of her favourite dance numbers. Her love for Sports is evident as she bagged third position in Bowling competition in her school. Delfrin appears to be very observant and is well aware of her environment. She loves to make new friends. Her enactment as Mother Teresa in a fancy dress competition in her school was truly commendable. Her love for Math is endless. She has found a friend and a partner in crime in her adorable sister Hazel who keeps her cheerful all day.

Constant motivation from parents, family, friends and teachers can help boost a child’s morale and develop self-confidence. Farah and Hormaz are doing just that as affectionate parents. Delfrin’s mother makes finger licking homemade chocolates at reasonable rates. Delfrin aspires to make some like her mother or even better.

Delfrin loves assisting her mother in household chores. One such chore, she enjoyed doing recently was making rotis with her mother. Making a round roti is an accomplishment for anybody irrespective of the gender and this child is already nailing it at a tender age of 10 years. For parents, any task big or small is precious and when done wholeheartedly by their child, is definitely an achievement, a memory to cherish for dear life.

We wish dear Delfrin and many other gifted children good luck, good health, happiness and a confident spirit to soar high in life.

Truly said, when no one believes in you, remember God does and one has to keep faith and walk on his path.