BJP vs Congress: Parsi community stands divided over Lok Sabha elections

The Parsi community who otherwise shows the united front is split when it comes to voting this election season. The members who are known to support the Congress, are now divided.

Many members of the community backed BJP last general elections. This time the drift is because of the BJP-Shiv Sena joining hands. “Their decision to not realign metro route was the big disappointment. They did not realign the route when we requested them to. We even approached the matter legally, but no decision was taken. But when the Metro issue was raised by the Thackerays, as it was to be constructed above the Thackeray house it immediately got clearance,” said Dr Viraf Kapadia, member of community and resident of Napean Sea Road.

Kapadia was among the many Parsis who was against the metro route going beneath the Fire Temples. “The young in the community are not so concerned. However, the older generation have raised issues like the party engaging in hate politics, the BPT land matter, non addressal of civic issues among others. These unresolved issues are the reason behind many supporting the Congress,” said Jamshedian Irani, resident of Colaba.

Some Parsis are also backing the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. “Many are with the Narendra Modi government. They want to give him another five year as they believe he has done more for country as compared to Congress. Both parties are being accused of robbing the country, but there have been positive developments and that is what has gone down well with community,” said Tehmtan Dumasia, resident of Napean Sea Road.

Published on DNA India