ZYNG 2.0 announces ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’

zyng-pubgSome advantages of gaming (PUBG), when not played regularly or in excess, are helping in multitasking and increasing thinking ability and reflexes when exposed to different situations.

Keeping this in mind, ZYNG 2.0 plans to entice and engage the parsi youth with ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ a friendly gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday, 23rd May.

What: ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ for Parsis

When: Saturday, 23rd May from 10 pm onwards

Where: At our respective homes through our mobile phones/tablets

Registration: FREE…closes on Friday 22nd May at 5 pm, Contact 9082262681/9920127945

Winner Gratification: Winners of Solo and Squad matches to be awarded with special gift cards

How to survive the red zone? Every player knows that when in a red zone, always stay at home.

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