Peacocks strut their way into Khareghat Parsi Colony in Tardeo

Residents of the Khareghat Parsi Colony in Tardeo were in for a delightful surprise when they saw at least a dozen peacocks strutting inside their colony.

The peacocks came from the nearby Doongerwadi forest. They came to the colony in search of food and water.

Jamshed Sukhadwala, a South Mumbai resident who is familiar with the area said, “They made a pretty sight and it was a welcome change to see them in these stressful times. It was an absolute delight.”

Sunish Subramanian, secretary, Plants and Animals Welfare Society in Mumbai said, “Peacocks come visiting if it is a feeding area. But sometimes they leave their original spots due to heat and lack of food and water in that area. Maybe, the peacocks cannot find adequate food and water in Doongerwadi and hence came out of their natural habitat in search of food in the colony.”

Published on Mumbai Mirror