Boman Irani is back with a bang

The actor will be next seen as a sexologist in Made in China, and will also essay the role of Farokh Engineer in ’83.

Boman Irani is back, and will soon be in Kabir Khan’s ‘83, playing World Cup commentator Farokh Engineer. In preparation for the role, the actor even met the man his character is based on.

“When I went with my family to America, we watched the India-South Africa World Cup match. We were leaving for the airport when the manager of our hotel came and informed us that Farokh Engineer is staying here. “Everyone said we are late for the airport, but I went to meet him. He instantly asked me where I was going, and asked me to come and stay with him and even go for the India-Pakistan match in Manchester, which was the following week. I sat in the car and informed my wife that next week I was going to London and to watch the match with Farokh Engineer. It sounded like as if I was coming from Bandra,” he laughs, adding that his wife was on board with his plan.

“Where will you get a chance like this? I travelled to India, came back to London, and took Biryani from Manchester’s Delhi Durbar for him. I stayed in his house and we went to watch the match,” Boman further gushes.

As for what he learned about the legendary commentator, the actor compares him to a quintessential Parsi person. “He is enjoying his life to the fullest. He believes in eating, laughing and having fun. He gave me a lot of things, but I got to understand his take on life which is ‘don’t be materialistic. Instead, enjoy sharing and caring for others.’ He is really such a giving and happy person. He has become fat, but his heart is so great. A total Parsi,” Boman reveals, adding: “He told me lots of things. I could notice a slight memory loss in him, but finally, I got to understand the takeaway of life according to him — be a giving person. I definitely stole a little bit from this experience,” he reveals.

Meanwhile, the actor will also be seen in Made in China, in which he plays a sexologist. Speaking about the role, which might be controversial for some, he says that the taboo on sex should be lifted. “If somebody has a heart problem then he will go to a cardiologist, so if you have any issues regarding sex then you go to a sexologist. That’s the backdrop of this film, and I don’t think it needs to be taken as a taboo subject. It’s done with dignity and there is a social message in it. I think it is very important, and we need to stop talking about it as this is not a sex comedy. It’s just a backdrop for a man to become successful, but the main story is about an entrepreneur’s journey. A man without self-worth has to take on something that is kind of shady and might put him in trouble, but the intention is right. It’s the journey of this man and how he becomes worthy of himself within his family,” he opines.

When asked if he would do sex comedies, Boman says he has been made offers but he chose not to do those movies.

Published on Deccan Chronicle