Can’t sell community’s properties in MP: Deputy collector to Parsi group

After constant disputes within the Parsi community over its properties at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh (MP), the local deputy collector passed an order rejecting a proposal to sell the properties. The proposal was made by the Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India (FPZAI), a subsidiary of Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), which is the caretaker of the community’s properties in Mumbai.

The development comes two years after an advertisement was published in a local newspaper about the sale of the properties. The collector observed that the properties, which include two houses spread over 4,000 and 1,800 sq feet, are more than 150 years old and belong to Neemuch Anjuman, a group which oversees the properties of the Parsi community in Neemuch.

“To take a decision about the properties, three-fourth of the members of the Neemuch Parsi Anjuman are required to give an approval. So of the 15 members of the Neemuch Parsi Anjuman, 11 should give their consent,” the order passed by the deputy collector last week read. The order further added that only seven members were present for a meeting over the properties on October 16, 2017, of which four members voted in favour of selling of properties. “Which is why according to section 14 of MP Public Trust Act, 1951, since the application does not follow rules and regulations, we are rejecting the proposal to sell properties at Neemuch,” the order added.

The BPP and FPZAI wants to sell the properties as the Parsi-Zoroastrian population in the area has dwindled to 15 and the community is worried that the properties will be encroached upon. “Even the fields are not being used. So these properties could be sold and used for educational and other needs of the community,” said Yazdi Desai, BPP chairperson. He said the body plans to move court over the issue.

Published on Hindustan Times