Deepali Gupta’s Tata vs Mistry is an insider look at one of India’s biggest corporate wars

tata-mistry-bookTaking readers to the heart of one of the Indian business community’s biggest upheavals, finance journalist Deepali Gupta’s book Tata vs Mistry: The Battle for India’s Greatest Business Empire is a methodical, smartly researched, bird’s eye view of the inner workings of this sensational corporate war. As the story develops, it also presents itself as a courtroom drama, taking readers to places that hold significant conversations and bold decisions.

The following is the book’s first chapter, ‘The Suitable Boy’, which quickly draws the reader into the world of board rooms and meetings, detailing the process of handover from Tata to Mistry, aided with direct quotes of speeches, press statements and other insightful sources.

This excerpt from Tata vs Mistry: The Battle for India’s Greatest Business Empire, written by Deepali Gupta, has been reproduced here with kind permission from the publisher, Juggernaut Books.

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