COMMUNITY BEWARE: Blatant Misuse of Power by BPP Trustees

cb-bppOut of turn allotment made in favour of a single staff member

It is learnt that the newly appointed Jt Dy CEO of the BPP, Ms. Khambatta, has been allotted a 700 sq ft, 2RK (1BHK) flat in Cusrow Baug.

Here are some interesting facts of Ms. Khambatta:
– She joined the BPP only 6 months ago (possibly still on probation)
– She is a single lady.
– She is in her mid-50s.

With a waiting list of over 800 applicants, of which 100 are newly married couples / families waiting for a home, how does a BPP staff member who is single and only been working with the BPP for six months get allotted a 2RK 700 sq ft flat in Cusrow Baug ?

From being a mere housing applicant to a Jt Dy CEO and now an out of turn 2RK in Cusrow Baug.

Can the Trustees please explain this blatant out of turn allotment to a staff member ?

Is this another Farokh Master in the making ?

Why has Ms. Khambatta’s name not been advertised in the Parsi press as an allottee?

Is this why the Trustees refuse to use the Merit Rating System?