Learn some very Bawa catchphrases on Parsi New Year

1Let’s start with an easy one. What does this mean?

Bhejaa nu dahi… In short, it means, you’re driving me nuts. Literally, it’s turning someone’s brain into dahi with your stupidity!

Try another: Thando paani no matlo… That means a pitcher of cold water, used as: “Jamshed is a pukka thando paani no matlo — so cool, nothhhing can rattle him; not even that Persis with her non-stop shopping addiction.”

Getting the hang of it? Try another: Konna baap ni Diwali!!! Literally, whose father is celebrating this festival of light. Should be said sarcastically, when you return home from a thankless job and find your teenage offspring has left every light in the house on. “Hey! Konna baap ni Diwali?!!” (Should ideally be snapped or shouted, accompanied by raised eyebrows).

On the other hand, if one returns home to hot dhansak, cold leebu-paani and a sweetly smiling family just like the portrait on the showcase, you sigh and go, ‘Kaleiji na tukra…’ (Bits of my liver — it’s meant to be endearing, promise).

Published on HindustanTimes