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Mr. Mulla asks some hard hitting Questions to Mrs. Anahita Yazdi Desai

Anahita-Y-DesaiMs. Anahita Desai claims as CEO of WAPIZ that WAPIZ has 5300 members. What if she does not secure 5300 votes? She is already CEO of Wapiz–there is bound to be a conflict of interest. In the spirit of transparency community wants to know how she became trustee of a couple of  Agiary which are virtually defunct?  Why she chose to become a Trustee of such Agiaries.?As a trustee of one of the agiary she found nothing wrong in distributing & selling   well water of the agiary to water tankers and even condoned the act of some young non parsi women trespassing the agiary last year.Is this her criterion of preserving & protecting the community traditions , beliefs institutions and way of life? Can she provide the details of income that accrued each year from sale of well water to water tankers?

She says that she knows the staff and working of BPP. Do the present trustees allow  rank outsiders to walk in the BPP Office and interfere in its working? Is it because she is the spouse of a Trustee, who happens to be a Chairman that she has had such access? She says that he she is always interested in BPP. But fails to say WHY? BUT she says she is involved only after Yazdi became trustee. So  would members of family of other Trustees be allowed to meddle in the working of BPP? Presence of  Dinshaw Mehta (Since his son Viraf is a trustee) is considered as interference in BPP affairs and there   is  hue & cry by  co- trustees including her husband. How is it that Yazdi allows his wife to interfere?  Is that appropriate Corporate behavior?  She says she knows the staff and working. What is so great in it?. 

She says that knows its (BPP)  strengths & weaknesses. Please let the community know what are its strength & weaknesses. How can she make a difference?. If her husband could not make difference in two tenures  spanning over a decade, except making bonfire of charity funds in mindless litigation, I, an average bawa  am unable to fathom how she would make difference. If she is so confident, then it would be in fitness of things if she coached her husband in making ‘difference’ and  more particularly in public relations.

Once again she repeats that she knows BPP, its staff, its working, departments, like  a worn out vinyl HMV record.   She lost election on first attempt and now trying her luck for the second time assuming the members of the community can be considered gullible. She appears as a power greedy woman. Possibly she may try once again if she fails this time as well. If she considers herself  to be better than her husband, she should ask him to resign & then take his place. 

Moreover why she preferred to go for FPJ instead of PT & JJ is also puzzling. Yes she is CEO of Wapiz but did she spend the expenditure of this Wapiz page out of Wapiz fund or from her own pocket?

She needs to be corrected that BPP connect is not a periodic magazine. It is a regular article appearing in PT.  She rightly demands transparency but has she ever written any letter/s to BPP Did she ever inquired how much money was spent on litigation on Cama’s resignation, renegade priest case etc?  Did she ever question BPP why they stopped publishing the annual accounts? She is right that there is no follow up in BPP. She quotes an example of water meters where she claims that BPP had promised that faulty meters will be checked & replaced. But that never happened.  DID SHE EVER RAISE THIS  ISSUE WITH BPP OR HER HUSBAND YAZDI ? How is it that she suddenly raises this point now? Just to remind her, did she ever question her husband about wrong figures disclosed while asking  raise of Rs. 750 per month from the residents of the baugs.  

I think that she is referring to her husband when she states that the people are pre occupied working. Yes, every one is supposed to work for his bread & butter. Inability to finish four hours agenda in seven hours  does not mean hard work. It suggests something else. Is she trying to imply that every trustee should be a retired working in group called BBC (BETHA BEKAR COMPANY). She expect trustees to supervise work of overflowing gutters or repair of the roofs of baugs. I wonder what managers of baugs are paid for? I feel that she should first give the advice to her own husband before enumerating functions of an ‘ideal’ Trustee. 

She is trying to mislead the mobed community by raising issue of mobed scheme.  Why she was quiet when BPP wasted 3 crores plus in renegade priest case? It is said that Rs. 50 lacs+  is spent of Cama’s resignation matter.The same amount could have been utilized for Mobed amelioration. Does she not know the amount spent on these litigations?. I request her to let the community know the exact amount spent on these two cases. I am sure she will definitely fail to get these figures. She suggest that philanthropists need to be approached for funds.Which philanthropist in his right frame of mind would donate to BPP when a multi storied building in Godrej Baug has been kept incomplete and a colossal amount running into crores is unpaid as Property/ Municipal Tax?   Is her husband not responsible for this financial loss?. 

She needs to give blue print. She seems to be not sure what her plan is. It is one thing to float dreams and another to attain the goals.  If one were to take her ‘high’ aims seriously, then by those standards her husband would score 5 out of 100. If my memory is not fading I distinctly remember that Wapiz made hue & cry when Doongerwadi  lower bunglis were renovated by a politician, on request of then chairman. Now she is planning to approach politicians for such help.

Yes I fully agree with her when she says that People should not believe everything that is said and written. “They should verify whether what is being written is right or wrong. Absolute lies have been written during elections in the past. The future of the community depends a lot on the BPP trustees. We need good people inside and not those who simply play dirty politics”

Yes I am doing the same thing. I am trying to verify whether what she has said like politician’s manifesto have,  is right or credible.


Now before the community makes the choice I would like to know of the following:

1) Her Educational Qualifications./ Administrative experience.

2) Amounts she collected as donation for BPP?

3) Will there not be a conflict of interest since she is CEO of Wapiz?

4) When was the accounts of WAPIZ were last made public? She is talking of transparency then she must reply as CEO of Wapiz.

5) How many letters or mail/s she sent to BPP so far on different community matters? 

6) Did she ever attempt  to raise Mobed Scheme with BPP? or she just remembers, since she is contesting?

7) Will she try to contest again in case she loses once again?

8) Does she approve of two members of one family on BPP board? If so why not other family members of other trustees contest the election making BPP Board a DYNASTIC RULE.

9) Her husband is Chairman of BPP and also HEAD OF FPZAI. SHE HERSELF IS CEO OF WAPIZ but she is not contended with these posts. 

10) DOES SHE REMEMBER THE PHRASE GHER NO GHAMBBAR. She may have but I am sure community is against GHER NO GHAMBAR.


Jamshed Mulla