The Below whatsapp message was making the rounds last evening:
“Latest controversy of the BPP:

Residents of three buildings in Bhabha Sanatorium have been living without electricity for the last 2 days. 

On instructions of Chairman Yazdi Desai the electricity bill was deliberately not paid. This is Yazdi’s way of punishing these poor Parsis. 

Try spending one night without electricity and you will know. These poor residents have been living day and night without electricity for the last 3 days.

Just because these are poor Parsis and the BPP has cases on them, does it give the Trustrees the right to treat them like beggars.

There is a heart patient currently living there, and doesn’t have electricity for his oxygen machine at night. Who will be responsible if something happens to him ?

How can Yazdi Desai really be so heartless ?”

In response, Yazdi Desai’s wife sent out a message trying to justify her husband’s actions but in doing so, admitted her husband acted on his own accord without the knowledge of the Board of Trustees.

Trustee Viraf Mehta voiced his angst against the BPP Chairman:

“This absolutely does not justify the illegal method adopted by Yazdi.

Anahita’s message is a clear admission that Yazdi has acted unilaterally without the approval of the Board of Trustees. If any trustee has an issue with a tenant the trustee have to follow due process of law. One cannot flout the powers given to them and start taking vengeance on tenants with whom they have issues. Imagine, next thing the trustees will start disconnecting the light of any tenant they dislike. This act is in humane.

How can a trustee take law in his own hands. God forbid if a tenant passes away due to this reckless and illegal act, Yazdi Desai will be solely responsible as Yazdi has now admitted that the lights were disconnected on his sole instructions.

A tenant who is living without electricity was surviving at night with an oxygen tank. That has now been disconnected due to lack of electricity.

Parsi Tenants are using candles for light at night – god forbid a house there catches fire! These are harsh realities of life and we have been elected to protect our community members not let them die in darkness!!

We have now learnt that Yazdi Desai has taken the Bhabha Sanatorium pending electricity bills to his residence and is refusing to return it to the BPP, thus ensuring that electricity cannot be restored to the poor residents of the Bhabha Sanatorium forcing them onto the streets. Many days have now gone without the tenants having any light in their houses. Why the remaining trustees have not overruled the decision of the Chairman makes us wonder.

The above is another incident to show that this current Board of Trustees (barring a few) are very vindictive who will go the extra mile to show their might!

Trustees are eleceted to serve the poor and needy not throw them into darkness. Where has our Parsipanu gone and how can this be accepted!

No matter the faults of the residents of Bhabha Sanatorium, they don’t deserve to be treated in this shameful manner!

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