Students of India: Zenia Bhumgara, Marvellous Magician

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Zenia, is an 18 year old student at Jai Hind College studying Mass Media. She is also an accomplished magician. She was born into a family with a magical background and was taken to magic conventions from the age of 6 months. She started assisting her sister, Pearl at the tender age of 4. She is now an award winning magician who has performed in Japan, Bangkok, America and all over India.

She believes people’s confidence in her boosted her passion for magic and inspired her to start her own solo performances in the art.

She has learned the art of magic from great magicians such as Hashi from Calicut and Mamada from Bangkok and has even been showcased by magician Gopinath from Kerala.

While her friends were entertaining themselves though movies she was busy performing shows to entertain the audience. Her acts are a delightful sequence of dove productions and quick dress changes performed to background music.

Why does she love performing magic? She says its to watch people smile and not about fame, glamour or money. It feels great to be able to show something what others thought to be practically impossible.

Her most memorable experience was when she was invited to perform for the tsunami hit schools and orphanages. The disaster impacted her a lot and made her feel very blue. But, after seeing the audiences smiles after her performance gave her immense satisfaction. She even did a trick in Japanese to connect with the audience. She also performed at the Namaste India festival which is sort of a cultural connect between Japan and India.

3-2She has met international magicians, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Jeff McBride and has been covered in many papers and magazines. Among her many many achievements are, 1st prize in National Magic Convention, Junior Category in Surat. In 2007, she was one of the finalists in the Prestigious Pogo Amazing Kids Awards in the Entertainer Category. In 2010 she won the first prize in Closeup magic in Maya All Women’s Magic
Convention Trivandrum. She was invited to Japan as a Friendship Ambassador in Sept 2011 and performed at several schools in Miyagi, a tsunami ravaged area. In 2014, Zenia won the “Popular Magician Award” the Magic Extravaganza in Bangkok at a convention of world famous magicians.

3-3According to Zenia, real magic lies not in the tricks she does, but, in the smiles and laughter, she spreads. She has performed at various charity shows for cancer patients, AIDS patients, underprivileged children, old age homes and enjoyed them more than anything.

She attributes her success to her parents, sister and her grandparents. Their belief in her made her believe herself.

3-4In 2015, Zenia was awarded the ‘Oscars of Magic’, the Merlin Award presented by Mr Tony Hassini the founder of the International Magic Society New York, the largest magic society in the world.

What’s next for bright young star? This is just the beginning, she believes and she has long way to go still. Her ultimate dream is to have her own show in Las Vegas. Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if she announces a Las Vegas residency soon.

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