Udvada Man Who Lost His Legs In Rail Accident To Get Funds Collected By Trust

Funds Collected By WZO Trust For Caretaker Of ‘S Parsi Museum, Who Lost Both Legs In A Rail Accident 3 Months Back, Will Be Invested In Govt-Approved Securities Once He’s Fitted With The First Set Of Prosthetics

The life of 47-year-old Aspi Sepoy, caretaker of the Parsi community centre in Udvada, was turned upside down on September 14, when he lost both legs after falling in the gap between the train and platform at Udvada station. But the community and World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust (WZOT) came together to ensure it was set on the right track again, as much as possible.

Thanks to a global appeal made on his behalf by Dinshaw Tamboly, WZOT chairman, the entire medical expenditure for the treatment as well as a pair of prosthetics for him has been taken care of by donations that have come from community members across the world. But several questions remain: What happens once the treatment is complete? How will Sepoy provide for himself and his two young sons?

In therapy
In response to the global appeal, 407 donors from all over the world contributed generously in remitting funds. “While Aspi is still at the B D Petit Parsee General Hospital in Mumbai, he has now begun to undergo daily therapy to learn the modalities of using the prosthetics being fabricated for him by Endolite India Ltd,” said Tamboly. “The lifespan of the prosthetic legs with proper usage is estimated to be around 10 years; looking at Aspi’s age, he is likely to require a minimum of three additional sets during his lifetime.”

Surplus funds
“After the first set of prosthetic legs have been fitted and Aspi has been able to get used to them (which should take eight to 10 months), we will still need to continue supporting him,” explained Tamboly.

“WZO Trust will, therefore, invest the surplus funds collected for him in government-approved securities. From the interest received, the Trust will pay him R25,000 every month, as sustenance for him and his two sons. This will be done till such time that Aspi is employed once again and able to lead a near-to-normal life.”

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