City’s Parsis bond over ‘Dar-e-mehr’ celebrations

Artists perform Such Is Life at Parsi Colony on October 28th 2017
Artists perform Such Is Life at Parsi Colony on October 28th 2017

Nagpur: Parsis from across the age groups celebrated the 122nd anniversary of ‘Dar-e-mehr’ (House of fire) with great enthusiasm on Saturday at Parsi Colony. Many cultural programmes, games like rapid fire, dhamsharaj and others were organized by Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana on the occasion.
“We worship fire and on every anniversary of dar-e-mehr. There are a few Parsis in the city and such cultural programmes help us come together,” said Navroz Davar vice-president of Nagpur Parsi Panchayat.

Drama ‘Such is life’ was the centre of attraction of the event. The play, written and directed by Rahuldev Mukherjee, reflected on different facets of father-son relationship as well as their individual love stories.

The play opens with simmering tension between the father and the son — also played by Mukherjee — over recent death of the mother and the latter’s career preference.

The son, who is a musician, is in love with his childhood friend Shefali. But, everything takes a southward turn as the son learns that Shefali’s marriage has been arranged with a London-based man.

As the story moves ahead, the father eventually finds a companion to spend the rest of his life with. Meanwhile, the son is depressed and frustrated over the news of Shefali’s engagement.

The story takes a mysterious twist as the son stumbles upon a horrible truth about the man Shefali is about to marry. The man had been married twice in the past and planned to cheat on Shefali too. The son must now act soon or risk losing Shefali forever. On the marriage day, the son intervene and tells the truth.

The son marries Shefali and the father marries his new companion as the play concludes.

Published on Times of India