Mumbai Crime: Maid’s Son Pockets Shares Worth Rs 1.28 Crore From Dead Parsi Man

The ingenuity of fraudsters knows no bounds. A maid’s son managed to siphon Rs 1.28 crore from a Parsi senior citizen after he died, by getting an aide to impersonate him. He even changed his name to appear a Parsi himself! The Worli police have arrested the genius, identified as Sachin Devashish Ghosh, a resident of Grant Road. Ghosh’s mother worked for the senior citizen, and used to help him with his post – mails pertaining to bank accounts, statements and demat accounts.

The Worli police have arrested Ghosh for hatching a criminal conspiracy and usurping R1.28-cr from the senior citizen, who died 15 years back.

According to the police, Tardeo resident Silu Minu Marfatiya, 88, in June this year complained that the accused fraudulently usurped company shares worth crores, belonging to her brother Soli Shavkasha Wadia alias Sorab Shavkasha Wadia. Sorab Wadia had died in 2002, but she alleged that Ghosh hid this fact from banks.

Sources said that Ghosh, who claimed he is a writer, got to know about the company shares in Sorab Wadia’s account through his mother, who used to work for him for many years. She also received all his post.

The criminal conspiracy
“Ghosh then allegedly hatched the criminal conspiracy and changed his name to Sachin Jahangir Wadia to sound like a person from the Parsi community. He also roped in his aide (unidentified yet) to pose as Sorab Wadia,” said a source.

Later Ghosh allegedly opened a joint bank account in a bank in Worli in the name of Sorab Wadia and Sachin Wadia (himself). After this, Ghosh alias Sachin Wadia, with the help of forged signatures and the dummy Sorab Wadia diverted the deceased Sorab Wadia’s shares of Larsen and Turbo (L&T) worth R74.61 lakh, and shares of UTI worth R53.76 lakh to the joint account.

Police obtained documents and information pertaining to fraudulent and disputed banking activities from the concerned banks.

Investigators also obtained details of the PAN card, election voter id, Demat account details of the deceased from the concerned government departments and private organisations.

“After verifying all these details, we found that Ghosh hatched a criminal conspiracy and fraudulently prepared bogus documents and presented them to banks, and concealed the fact that Sorab died in 2002,” said a police officer.

More accused
Police arrested Ghosh last week and are looking for at least two more accused who were part of the conspiracy.

Ghosh has been booked under sections 404, 419, 420, 465, 467, 468, 471, 120B and 34 of Indian Penal Code for dishonest misappropriation of property possessed by deceased person at the time of his death, cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy and impersonation.

Published on Mid-Day