Entrepreneur Mrs. Benafsha Irani sets up Montessori in Pune

FINAL-LOGOBenmont Montessori- An Initiative to impart quality education to children between the ages of 2 to 6 years.

benafsha-iraniBenmont Montessori has been founded & set up by Mrs. Benafsha Irani. Benafsha is a young enthusiastic montessorian who has gained her certification in Early Childhood Education from the Association Montessori Internationale, headquartered in the Netherlands. Benafsha has set up the school with a vision to bring to Pune a one of its kind Montessori. This is visible in the school environment, curriculum and the teachers working at Benmont. “Our head teacher is trained in Canada and has worked with schools in Canada and America, having several years of experience” says Benafsha.

Benmont Montessori, is dedicated to providing a safe & stimulating learning environment for children in the age group of 2 to 6 years, consistent with the values and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, who created her own model after extensive research with children. The mixed age classroom encourages children of different ages to interact with, help and learn from each other in a healthy and holistic environment. Montessori is an approach to early education that focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. The belief is that children will learn through play and discovery, rather than by instruction.

BenmontThe Montessori method of teaching is the most popular method of education in the western world. In India, the term “Montessori” is frequently used to describe Nurseries and Preschools. Very few people know the difference between the Montessori method of education and the conventional method, however the trend is changing with more International Schools opening in India.

“Larry Page and Sergey Brin- founders of Google, Prince William and Prince Harry, Prince George- Son of Prince William are some of the famous personalities who have been educated in Montessori Schools.” Says Benafsha.

Nestled in the by lanes of Dhole Patil Road, Benmont Montessori has a ‘Prepared Environment’ that provides just the right learning atmosphere to stimulate your child. The classroom is attractive, warm, inviting and the environment has been ‘prepared’ keeping in mind the needs of the child.

To know more about the unique method of teaching used at Benmont Montessori you can visit their website

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