Yazdi-DesaiFinally after over 4 months of keeping our entire Parsi Zoroastrian community, his fellow Trustees as well as Federation of Anjumans of India in the dark, the truth has unwittingly emerged that Yazdi Desai was in fact all along, misleading all concerned by manipulating facts, persons and situations beyond all expectations.

Yazdi Desai had got issued three letters in favour and support of Dinshaw Tamboly. It is now revealed that the letters were in fact issued by Yazdi Desai to repay his debt of alliance to colleague Kersi Randeria, even if it led to betraying Wapiz, betraying our religion, betraying elected Co-Trustees, betraying the Government and betraying even our Hon’ble Prime Minister. Randeria is known to have helped Yazdi fulfill and satisfy his dream of becoming the Chairman of Bombay Parsi Punchayet and this was now a payback time.

It was way back in January 2017 that Yazdi Desai in conjunction with Kersi Randeria schemed of catapulting Dinshaw Tamboly to the office of National Commission of Minorities , which to Yazdi’s own knowledge no one would accept, least of all his own Orthodox body – Wapiz. However, Yazdi being the sharp corporate honcho as he describes himself, decided to fool just about everybody and kept his recommendation to the Minority Minister and the Prime Minister an absolute secret and almost succeeded for 4 months. His scheming plan fell apart at the last Federation of Anjumans Meeting held in Mumbai on the 30th April 2017 when he was forced to admit to what turned out to be a series of lies .

However, Yazdi backed by Trustee Kersi Randeria, continued to deceive the community by first saying he did not know the existence of these three letters and then saying he was forced to write one letter at the behest of Shernaz Cama of Delhi and then agreeing to withdraw “a” letter (not the one he claimed he sent) and yet holding back the real truth that not one but three letters were indeed written and dispatched.

This clearly shows that Yazdi is a person who cannot be trusted, leave alone permitted to lead a community or an institution like our B.P.P. Yazdi has till date neither confirmed nor categorically denied if he had knowledge of not one, but three letters that were sent out as follows:

· Letter of 16th January 2017, written on the BPP Letterhead addressed to the Minister for Minority Affairs and sent on behalf of all the Trustees of BPP under the captioned signature of “Chairman” of BPP. It is now a confirmed fact that this letter was indeed authorized by Yazdi, and signed by CEO for and on behalf of Chairman under instructions of Yazdi. This clearly establishes Yazdi’s mens rea or as we say guilty mind in authorizing someone to sign and send a letter and then claiming ignorance of the same. It is only this letter that has subsequently been withdrawn on 5th May 2017 by Yazdi Desai withdrawing his earlier recommendation.

· Letter of 19th January 2017, again written on the BPP Letterhead and addressed to none other than our Hon’ble Prime Minister himself and also sent under the captioned signature of the CEO for and on behalf of this time of “Yazdi Desai, Chairman of BPP”. However, in this letter Yazdi claims that the same has been sent as a “Combined Appeal” on behalf of the entire Parsi Community, Shri Khurshed Dastur, Head Priest of Udvada Iranshah, fellow Trustees of the B.P.P., Federation of the Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India etc…. It is relevant to note that this letter has also been signed “for” Yazdi Desai the Chairman, showing utter disregard to the position of the recipient, who is none other than the Hon’ble Prime Minister himself.

It is further relevant to note that his co-trustees, barring his personal coterie, as well as all Anjumans have denied knowledge of the same, thus establishing Yazdi’s desire to recommend a known liberal and reformist minded person like Dinshaw Tamboly at any and all costs.

However, Yazdi claims he has not signed nor authored the letter leaving the field open to either suggest that the letter was either forged or may be signed by someone behind his back, or possibly signed by someone after being authorized by Yazdi himself. Yazdi, cleverly and craftily played the perfect “Dog in the Manger” game refusing to either take a stand or allow other elected Trustees to do what was right for the community and file a police complaint.

It is now a confirmed fact that this letter was indeed authorized by Yazdi, and signed by the CEO under his instructions. This again reaffirms Yazdi’s guilty mind in authorizing someone to sign and send a letter and then claiming ignorance of the same. Most importantly, it is to be noted that this letter dated 19th January 2017 addressed to the Prime Minister of India has not been withdrawn leading one to presume that in the eyes of the Prime Minister, Yazdi Desai continues to endorse Dinshaw Tamboly.

· Letter dated 16th January 2017 written to the Hon’ble Minister for Minority Affairs on the Letterhead of the Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India and purportedly to be signed by Hon. Sec. of the Federation. This letter itself was neither approved by the Anjumans, nor shared with them, and as per his scheming behaviour, has been signed “for” Hon. Sec. by Dy. CEO of BPP.

We are informed that after the publication of this letter in Bombay Samachar of 21st May 2017, the Dy. CEO has confirmed to some of his friends that it was indeed his signature and confessed that he was called to the CEO’s room and after a telephone call by CEO, he was instructed by CEO to sign the said letter for and on behalf of the Hon. Sec. of the Federation. This confession also blows the lid off the false claims of Yazdi Desai that the letters were forged.

It is now also a confirmed fact that this letter was indeed authorized by Yazdi, and signed by Dy. CEO under Yazdi’s instructions. This again leaves no doubt that it was Yazdi and Yazdi alone who was abusing and misusing his position of Chairman to force B.P.P. employees to do his bidding and underhand work to somehow please Kersi Randeria and do his bidding to get Dinshaw Tamboly the coveted position of Member, National Commission for Minorities, Government of India and destroy our community and religion in the bargain.

This also leads many community members to wonder as to why is Yazdi not sending all three withdrawal letters, now that it is crystal clear that the community, as well as federations, as well as Co-Trustees on whose supposed behalf the forged or manipulated letters were sent in the first place, do not support Dinshaw Tamboly and the illegal manner in which Yazdi played the host for Tamboly.

Community members are also wondering whether the appointment by the Prime Minister of Vada Dasturji Khurshedji Dastur of Udvada, as the Parsi member of the Minority Commission was conveyed much earlier to Yazdi Desai and Kersi Randeria before it became public knowledge which led to Yazdi Desai after four months of secrecy to suddenly change track and saw no need to carry on the charade anymore and in a dramatic posture withdrew his recommendation of Dinshaw Tamboly by now casting all kinds of aspersions on Dinshaw Tamboly as if he became aware of it for the first time and thus try and get back the support of the orthodox members of the community.

Yazdi should and must resign forthwith as he has lost the moral as well as high-ground required to continue as trustee and Chairman, failing which the community would have to take on the unpleasant and onerous task of directly asking him to go. Merely because the Government has decided to nominate Dastur Khurshedji Dasturji cannot in anyway wash away Yazdi’s sins and he must pay for them by resigning and thereby salvaging some respect for the B.P.P. Institutions.

Published on Mumbai Samachar